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How Video Conferencing enables mobility

1995 was an interesting year. The music charts featured the “Outhere Brothers” with “Boom Boom Boom” and there was those unforgettable lyrics… “Boom boom boom now let me hear you say wayoh, wayhoh!” Back then I was too busy partying and wasn’t really concerned with working in

Never Fall Behind with Smartphones

At the train station today I noticed a stack of people just staring at their phones. I was one of them, and if I’m honest I’ve become a phone zombie too. However, despite how mainstream mobile phones have become in society, many people don’t use them to

Live with Coolsmartphone: Apple Event

It’s that time of year again. We’re expecting a couple of new iPhones, an iWatch, and at least one swipe at Android by Tim Cook. Join us for our usual blend of comedy and news, with pre-coverage beginning at 5:45PM. Yeah, we know it’s available on the Apple

EE Introduces ‘Priority’ Customer Answer Service… at a cost

Let’s say you’ve got an issue with your network. Perhaps you’ve been over-charged for a bill, or your phone APN settings have wiped themselves. You wouldn’t want to pay them more money to fix a problem they potentially created… right? Well, that’s exactly what EE have begun offering

Ovivo shuts down

Ovivo Mobile, the MVNO that offered free minutes, calls, and data for absolutely nothing per month, appears to have closed its doors in the past couple of hours. In a statement posted on its website, the company said: Dear OVIVO Customers, We are very sad to announce

Apple to launch iPhone 5c 8GB tomorrow

We’ve received an anonymous email from a Coolsmartphone reader evidencing the arrival of an 8GB variant of the iPhone 5c. The new device will be available in all the currently available colours, and represents Apple’s push into the midrange phone market. The device is to be unveiled

Threes! Arrives on Android

The smash hit puzzle game that has enraptured iOS users this year has finally found its way into the hands of Android users. Yes, I’m talking about Threes!, the game that appears to have made basic maths cool again. The premise is simple: merge 2 and 1

iOS 7.1 Released

After what seems like forever in testing, iOS 7 was today pushed to iPhones, iPods and iPads around the world. I’ve posted a full changelog as a GitHub Gist here, but here are some of the key changes. iOS 7.1 integrates CarPlay, the AirPlay equivalent for motorists

EE to create over 1,000 new jobs

EE have announced today that they are to create over 1,000 new customer service jobs throughout Britain within the next 24 months. It means that, starting with 250 jobs in Northern Ireland later this quarter, EE will be bringing more “customer service jobs” (presumably call centre roles)

Moto G Google Play Edition revealed

A Google Play Edition of the Motorola G has just been added to Google’s Play Devices web store. The popular device, that has recently been selling for as little as £99 here in the UK, appears to have made the leap to Google Play Edition status without

Yahoo! buys Aviate, promises continued development

Yahoo! have announced today that they have acquired Aviate, the context-aware smart launcher for Android. The deal was announced by Marissa Mayer during the Yahoo! keynote at CES, and posts were made shortly after on both the Yahoo! and Aviate blogs. Aviate launched their product into closed beta

Lenovo launches four new phones

Lenovo today announced that it’ll be bringing three new Android-powered devices into its 2014 lineup, catering to all corners of the market – if you’re in a country where the devices are sold, that is. We reported last year on Lenovo’s announcement of the Vibe Z, a high-end

iPhone 5C announced

As widely expected, Apple today announced the iPhone 5C in an event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The new device looks exactly like the leaks we saw earlier this year, with Tim Cook going as far to reference the leaks during his presentation. The new iPhone

Apple iPhone Event – Live with Coolsmartphone

Join myself and the rest of the Coolsmartphone team from just before 6PM as we take you through today’s Apple Event. After months of speculation, it’s now less than an hour until we find out what Apple have lined up for the next year of mobile devices.

Google teases next version of Android – 4.4 KitKat

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Google has just announced that its next version of Android, 4.4, will be called KitKat®. Of course, the Android team are famed for naming  releases after different desserts – we’ve had in  Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich,

Oppo introduces 10% student discount on the Find 5

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Oppo here at Coolsmartphone. Whilst we wait for more news on the Oppo N1, Oppo’s European retailer, Oppo Style, have announced that they are going to be offering a 10% discount to students purchasing the Oppo Find 5. All

Oppo N1 trailer released

News of the Oppo N1 has been floating around in various forms for a while now, with a social marketing plan that puts most others to shame (which we discussed on the Podcast a couple of weeks back). Part of this social media push was a countdown sitting

“Phablet” appears in the Oxford dictionary

The Oxford University Press, famous for both the Oxford English Dictionary and the slightly less well-known Oxford Dictionaries Online, has been busy lately adding lingo. According to a partial list of new words published by Quartz earlier today (warning: Miley Cyrus ahead), a few technology terms have made the

HTC One X & One X+ 4.2.2 update hits UK

We brought you news of the HTC One X and  HTC One X+ update coming to Taiwan earlier this month, and according to Twitter this update is now coming to the UK. XDA TV Producer (and HTC fan) Shen Ye posted two images on Twitter earlier this