iPhone 5C announced

As widely expected, Apple today announced the iPhone 5C in an event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The new device looks exactly like the leaks we saw earlier this year, with Tim Cook going as far to reference the leaks during his presentation.

iPhone 5C announced

iPhone 5C announcedThe new iPhone features similar specs to the now discontinued iPhone 5, except wrapped in a colourful plastic shell. The 5C will be made available in 5 different colours – green, blue; yellow, red; and (last but not least) white. The Apple A6 processor and the 4 inch retina display have been carried over from the iPhone 5, however the front snapper has been upgraded to an ‘FaceTime HD’ camera that has been optimised for all important selfies (for the Snapchat generation) and improved video calls.

The pricing for the ‘cheaper iPhone’, however, is still pretty hefty – it comes in at £469 for the 16GB version, rising to £529 for 32GB of storage. It’s only £549 for the 16GB iPhone 5S (more on that shortly), so, if you want to lay down £500 up-front for the next iPhone then, unless you really want a colourful iPhone, you’re probably better off going for the better specifications found on the 5S (which is currently unavailable for pre-order). It can be pre-ordered from September 13th from the Apple Store website, with the device being made available on the 20th September.

Source: Apple Store

Apple iPhone 5S announced
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  • patrick

    looking forward to the 5s with 64bit processor ….. 5c off contract is about 80 quid to much for me but maybe thats why iphone 4s is the best entry into the iPhone…

  • ben

    Samsung Galaxy S4, also SIM-free from Carphone warehouse for £550, for the 16GB model so not really like you are saying here jamie ????????

    • Martin

      The S4 is £479 from Expansys. CPW aren’t always the best place for sim-free phones (price wise).
      £60 for 16gig of ram is still a bloomin’ liberty. They could charge £10 and still make a profit.
      Apple products will always cost a premium over the equivilant competitions devices, they can do this because there will always be people willing to buy one. Just look at the price of the iPad mini compared to the Nexus 7 (£60 more expensive for the 16gig version and £110 more for the 32gig). Until their phones / tablets stop selling in huge numbers prices will always remain high.

  • phil

    I’m disappointed that the camera is not 13mp as I’m a mp fanboy so this phone will not be on my shopping list
    Another year long wait for me

  • phil

    I’ve no idea where the photo came from next to my name

  • the_prof

    Whole thing very disappointing from my point of view. Almost everyone seems to be releasing more and better stuff (not to mention more innovative) than Apple these days – probably a good thing anyway. They need taking down a peg or two I think.

  • Buggerlugs

    Why was this called the ‘cheaper’ iPhone before a price came out? Seems stupid to me.

  • Although I was initially dismayed at the 5C pricing, I think there’s an aspect that’s been overlooked that Apple deserve some credit for.
    If the price had been too low, it would have killed the iPhone 5 second hand market. So they deserve credit for not stitching existing customers and preserving the traditionally high secondhand value of old Apple handsets – it’s all part of the deal when you buy an Apple device, because you know you’ll get more for it than any other secondhand device.
    It’s not exactly selfless though – by keeping that secondhand market buoyant, more people might be tempted to sell their iPhone 5’s and go for a 5S of course.