Threes! Arrives on Android

The smash hit puzzle game that has enraptured iOS users this year has finally found its way into the hands of Android users.

Threes! Arrives on Android

Yes, I’m talking about Threes!, the game that appears to have made basic maths cool again. The premise is simple: merge 2 and 1 tiles to make threes, merge two threes to make sixes, merge two sixes to make twelves… you get the picture.

It’s insanely addictive – like a mathematical version of Candy Crush – and is a rare paid game (no IAPs, ever, apparently) in a world of ad-funded and pay-to-win Flappy Bird clones and gem puzzles. It’s also 33% off at the moment to celebrate the launch – that makes it just £1.20 here in the UK. Having been playing the iOS version for the past month or so, I can fully recommend it.

Grab it here: Google Play

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