Oppo N1 trailer released

Oppo N1 trailer released

News of the Oppo N1 has been floating around in various forms for a while now, with a social marketing plan that puts most others to shame (which we discussed on the Podcast a couple of weeks back). Part of this social media push was a countdown sitting on the Oppo site, that has just ticked over to 00:00:00:00 and unveiled a trailer for the N1.

The trailer doesn’t really reveal anything at all about the N1, so all we’re left with to chew over for now is the rear touch panel. The touch panel has been a hot topic of conversation for the Coolsmartphone staff, with some reckoning it to be a genuinely useful feature, and others being slightly more skeptical.

Whilst I personally can’t find a use for a rear touch panel for scrolling, it’s a unique feature that will definitely appeal to some people – even if, like most some of Samsung’s TouchWiz, you’ll never really use it. Check out the video below, and stay tuned for more Oppo news – the next trailer goes live on the 4th of September, leading up to a grand reveal on the 23rd of September.

Source: Oppo

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