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Selfy case review

A few weeks ago we covered the announcement of Selfy cases, a case with a slide out remote control shutter button for taking selfies, group shots or any other uses you may think of. The guys at Selfy were nice enough to send over a review sample

Apple SIM allows network switching

Amidst all the madness of the new iPad announcements (and the network availability from Three and EE) you may have missed one small titbit – the new Apple SIM. No, this isn’t Apple changing the size again, it is a standard nano SIM but one with a little

Selfy cases announced

First there was the selfie, then there was the selfie stick, then the super selfie phones (from Huawei, Nokia and Sony), now there is the Selfy case.   The cases combine a simple remote shutter button and with a holder that also serves to protect your phone

Ofcom fine Three over complaints

We are big fans of Three here at Coolsmartphone, a lot of the staff are on the network due to cheap deals and large data allowances. It seemed that they had turned a page on the customer service front, having the least complaints per 1000 customers in

What phone? The NoPhone!

I’m not sure if I should be writing this article but if this picks up then I might be out of a job. Following on the heels of the BookBook from Ikea, comes the NoPhone. The NoPhone is a Kickstarter campaign that promises a “technology free alternative

Mobiles cleared for use on airplanes

Everyone knows the drill by now, you board an airplane and you get a safety message asking you to ensure your seat is upright, trays up, luggage safely stowed and to switch off all electrical devices including mobile phones (or at least put them in flight mode).

iPhone 6 rebates now available

When Phones 4U went into administration, the administrators PwC announced that customers who had pre-ordered the iPhone 6 and 6 plus would be reimbursed for any money they had paid. It emerged this morning that an email was sent round to all customers (with all 136 email

Apple releases (and pulls) 8.0.1 – problems already

Apple doesn’t seem to be having too good a time at the moment, with Bendgate going on and numerous reports of bugs with iOS 8. However Apple was quick to react to the bugs and released 8.0.1 which was supposed to address the following: Fixes a bug so

Nokia 735 gets official pricing and release date

Yesterday we brought you news that the Lumia 735 was available to pre-order SIM free, today we have received official confirmation of the launch date from Microsoft – the 2nd of October. In case you missed it, the 735 is the 4G version of the 73x range,

Note Edge not launching in the UK

The Note Edge certainly caused a stir when it was announced, leading to much debate on the podcast with most people wondering what the point was and how it would work. Now it seems that we might not have to worry about that with Clove saying that

Microsoft continues killing off Nokia name

It seems that Microsoft have started the process of moving the business and branding from Nokia to Microsoft directly. If you head over to Nokia’s UK website you now get redirected to Microsoft’s own website. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise, there have been rumours that

Phones 4u fallout begins…

As you may have read yesterday, Phones 4u have shut up shop this morning with the firm calling in the administrators. As part of the announcement, Phones 4u owners BC partners attacked the networks, particularly Vodafone for not giving them enough time to sort out alternative arrangements

Phones 4u going into administration

When Vodafone decided not to renew their contract with Phones 4u, it left the independent on thin ice with just EE, Virgin Media and their own (EE provided) network LIFE. However, now EE have decided to pull out of the independent retailer, leaving the chain without any

iPhone 6 launches and promptly sells out

As you may have noticed by the coverage here and on Twitter (we’re @coolsmartphone), pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are well under way. In somewhat unsurprising news, some variants have already sold out. The most popular options seem to be all iPhone 6 Plus

National roaming? No thanks, say the networks

A few months ago we brought you news that the government wanted the UK networks to band together to eliminate blackspots by sharing their masts and hence network signal in a similar way you roam on another network whilst abroad. However according to the Financial Times, the

Ikea announce the BookBook

Apple are having a conference on Tuesday, which means a new device is imminent. What this also means is a new set of adverts proclaiming why the new device is the best thing since sliced bread (or the last iPhone at least). The success of the adverts

It’s Zen time

Along with a range of Zen phones, Asus also announced their first smartwatch – the Asus ZenWatch. The ZenWatch is an Android Wear device in a similar vein to the recently announced Samsung Gear S and LG G Watch R. The ZenWatch has a 1.63″ 320 x

Nvidia launch patent case against Samsung

Samsung are no strangers to the US courts, with their ongoing case against Apple the most well known. This time round they are defendants with Nvidia taking exception to some of the mobile phones and tablets Samsung sell. The mobiles and tablets in question are those that

Which app categories are banking the most?

How much do app developers make? Really? Well, it’s a tricky one to answer. Research by CasinoDailyNews seems to suggest that making a game is your best bet, with 90% of the top grossing apps being games. Currently, at the top of the pile in the Google

The Z3 compact tablet completes the trilogy

Alongside the announcement of the Z3 and Z3 compact, Sony also announced the third part of the Z3 trilogy – the Z3 tablet compact.   The Z3 compact tablet has the following key specs: 8″ TRILUMINOS display 1920 x 1200 pixels 8.1 megapixel camera 3GB RAM 2.5GHz