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Cortana to speak with a British accent

A week ago we reported that the developer preview for Cortana in the UK should be heading to these shores in the next few weeks. It has now been confirmed from two Microsoft employees that when she arrives, she won’t be voiced by Jen Taylor, the actress

Do iPhones slow down when a new version is available?

There is a great conspiracy theory around that Apple have planned obsolescence, ie their iPhones automatically become slower when a new iPhone is about to appear. It is, say the conspiracies, a clever way to get you upgrading. Whilst this would be illegal and would run the

O2 to start offering the iPad next week

The Apple iPad Air and Mini with retina display have proved to be another hit for the Cupertino company, with most networks offering them as bundled deals with a SIM card with included data. Now O2 have announced they are going to be joining the club announcing

Three joins free WiFi on the Tube

Back in 2011 TFL announced plans to put Virgin Media WiFi hotspots in a selection of London Underground stations for the 2012 London Olympics. This was then rolled out to the rest of the network, allowing everyone to use them for a while before then restricting it based

Blacksmith Labs leather case review

A little while back I was emailed asking if I would like to review a leather case for a company. My initial reaction was a bit “Meh”, but then I got sent pictures and I suddenly changed my tune. I jumped at the chance. The Blacksmith Labs cases are

BlackBerry defend an unreleased phone

The BlackBerry Passport was always going to be a bit of an oddball with its square screen and 3 row keyboard with space bar in the middle. Whilst mentioned in the latest financial brief, it still hasn’t been officially announced. That hasn’t stopped BlackBerry releasing an official

Samsung announces disappointing Q2 earnings

Samsung have announced that although they still expect to make a profit of $7.1 billion after a revenue of only $51.5 billion, this will be lower than expected. In an unusual step Samsung have released a whole page of Q2 reference material in an effort to reassure

Sony selfie phone leaks

Sony have started teasing a new phone announcement for tomorrow with the theme being selfies. Coincidentally leaked images of a new Sony Xperia model, have also hit the internet with the new phone having a forward facing LED flash. This would be the first phone from a big manufacturer

XSories Me-Shot Deluxe review

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article about the release of a selfie stick and I was lucky enough to be sent one to review. Now I’m not a selfie fan, okay I’ll admit I hate them, so I might not be the best person to

LG G watch shipping early

If you were lucky enough to order your LG G Watch from MobileFun rather than Google Play directly then you could be receiving a little present through the post in the next day or so a little ahead of schedule. It was set to be released on

Samsung announce new models

Samsung have announced 4 new members of the Galaxy range of smartphones. They’re all aimed at the mid to low end of the market. The models are the Galaxy Core II, Galaxy Star 2, Galaxy Ace 4 and the Galaxy Young 2 (we’re not sure why the Core

Nexus 5 to come in yellow?

The LG Nexus 5 was released back in October last year and has become a firm favourite with the team in part due to its cheap price. It originally came in just black and white, before red was added to the line-up earlier this year. Now Google seem to

Archos enters the Connected Home scene

The Connected Home is the ability to connect to various devices in your house. For example, cameras, movement sensors, temperature sensors which can then be controlled remotely. Archos are the latest company to get involved in the connected home scene and are offering up a range of products. At

LG announce the G Watch.. again

As part of the Google I/O event last night, Google announced some new additions to the Android Wear range. This, the LG G Watch, was one of them. It’s a device we’ve actually already seen and the company announced that they were .. err.. working on it back in March.

Networks to share masts under ‘National Roaming’ plan?

I’m sure most readers will be aware of Roaming when they go abroad, whereby their phone connects to a foreign network to allow you to make calls, send texts or access the internet when in a different country. But what if you could do it in the

Blackberry get their Passport ready

Blackberry announced their quarterly financial results yesterday in a little media streaming event, a smaller than expected loss in case you were wondering. However, what they also snuck in was the announcement of three new phones coming in financial year ’15. The Z3 and Classic look very

BBC Playlister can now export to iTunes

BBC Playlister is a service that lets you save the tracks you hear on BBC radio so you can find them with your favourite streaming service. When it launched in October it had support for Deezer, Spotify and YouTube, this has now been expanded with iTunes so

20% of apps only used once

A recent survey by Localytics has found that 20% of apps are only used once. This may seem quite high but it is an improvement compared to the last few years with the number steadily decreasing, from 26% in 2011. The graph shows the amount of apps

Catch all the matches with World Cup Scheduler

In case you had somehow failed to notice, the World Cup kicks off in Brazil later tonight, with the start of 64 games over a month in 12 different cities across the country. World Cup Scheduler is an app that keeps you up to date with who

Galaxy Tab S coming 12th June, S5 mini as well?

Samsung have been sending out invites for (and tweeting about) an event on the 12th of June which is likely to be for the Galaxy Tab S, but may also see the announcement of the S5 Mini as cases have started to arrive in some retailers. The

Screenproof screen protector for Z2 review

There is nothing worse than a badly scratched phone, it looks horrible and reduces your resale value immensely, so having a screen protector is a great investment. I have tried Zagg Invisible Shields but I’m not a fan of the feel of the original ones, although the

Samsung announces the Simband

Samsung seem to be on a wearable trend at the moment, with recent leak, and of course the release of the Gear 2, Gear Neo and Gear Fit. Now Samsung have announced the Simbad, which is best described as a cross between the core in a Sony

Samsung design for new smartwatch leaked

In a recent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Samsung have given some hints about what they think a new smartwatch could look like and how a user could interact with it.   The answer to the design at least, is very similar to

LG G3 videos leak

Following the leak of promotional slides and the announcement of the QuickCircle case you might think there is nothing left to announce on Tuesday at the official launch, and with the leak of these latest promotional videos you might be right. The first shows off the design of the

LG G3 details leak

In what seems to be becoming a trend, the details of the LG G3 have leaked. This time it’s via LGs own marketing slides with a bit of help from someone taking pictures they probably shouldn’t have been. Above is the key slide that gives all the

OwnFone announce a Braille phone

Okay so it isn’t a smartphone but I still think it is an interesting development in the phone market. The London based company OwnFone have released what it claims to be the world’s first Braille phone and what’s more the front and back are 3D printed to

May madness

May madness is an event running throughout May on the Google Play store, whereby each day one album is reduced to just 99p. These aren’t old albums either, ones so far have included Olly Murs, Elbow and Katy B’s latest offering. Today is the turn of Lily