Anywhere SIM launches national roaming

We’ve written a bit about not-spots and the various methods the networks and government are using to try and eliminate them; including here, here and here  if you missed it. As you may have noticed, progress has been pretty slow to say the least… so Anywhere SIM have taken matters into their own hands.

Anywhere SIM launches national roaming


The Anywhere SIM has 3 different offers; anywhere home, anywhere UK and anywhere EU. Anywhere EU allows calls and texts to be made on any EU network at 15p per min, 5p per SMS and 10 pence per MB of data. Anywhere UK lets users make and receive calls on all UK networks at 10 pence per minute and same costs for texts and data. Anywhere home allows calls, texts and data to be made just using the home O2 network but can receive calls on any network, costs are 5p per minute, 5p per SMS and 5p per MB of data.

Anywhere SIM runs as an MVNO based on the O2 network and due to roaming agreements the company has, the SIM will let you receive calls on any network. If you move into a not-spot whilst on a call, the call will still drop as it doesn’t allow switching mid-calls – but you can call back if you have O2 signal or the other person can call you again as soon as phone automatically switches to a new network.

I’m pretty sure this is not what the big networks or the government had in mind to combat not-spots, but if you are really desperate to always have signal then this might be the answer. Similar solutions have been available to businesses for a while with the front runner being telecoms firm 24 Seven with a service called Jump.

Anywhere SIM will be available later this year in a pay as you format and there are plans for a pay monthly service as well. SIMs will be available from their own website, eBay and Amazon. Anywhere SIM’s founder Matthew Wright explained the service’s appeal:

“[It will appeal to] people who have experienced coverage issues, so, people who live in rural locations.

And those who travel a lot and experience notspots – for example people that spend a lot of time in caravans and those who pursue outdoor pursuits – cyclers, runners, walkers, anglers, there’s a long list that could benefit outside the big conurbations.”

Sources: BBC and AnywhereSIM