What phone? The NoPhone!

I’m not sure if I should be writing this article but if this picks up then I might be out of a job. Following on the heels of the BookBook from Ikea, comes the NoPhone.

What phone? The NoPhone!

The NoPhone is a Kickstarter campaign that promises a “technology free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact”. The NoPhone is a 5.5″ block of plastic that allows users to have the feeling of a phone in their hand but still allows them to interact with their friends and family just by being in the same room as them and stay connected to the real world.

If want the ability to take selfies from your NoPhone then you can, by pledging a little bit more you can get a NoPhone with a Selfie Upgrade, a reflective sticker which allows you to share selfies with yourself in real time and unless a hacker is with you, they are completely secure. You can even add sound to your shots just by synchronising your brain and vocal cords.

Key specs of the NoPhone:

  • Size – 140 x 67 x 7.3 mm
  • Weight – 80 to 100g
  • Battery free
  • No upgrades needed
  • Waterproof and shatterproof

You can buy a NoPhone of your very own for $12 + $5 for international shipping if the campaign reaches its target of $30,000. It’s only reached $8,909 so far but there is still a week to go so you never know. For full details, including some great FAQs head to the source link below.

Source: NoPhone Kickstarter