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EE roll out 4G in 250th town

EE have announced their 250th town in the UK now has 4G coverage with the Cornwall area now being included in the 4G rollout which has now hit 0ver 73% population coverage. EE is still plugging away switching as many sites as on as possible to allow

ZTE launch the 4G-capable Blade Vec

Available from July 2014 in several countries including Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, this is the Blade Vec 4G. It’ll be rolling out to more countries shortly after and has a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU with a 5″ HD 1280×720 screen, 13 megapixel rear camera with auto-focus and

Let the birds fly – EE introduce a range of mobile WiFi solutions

Getting 4G is one thing, but turning that ultra-fast 4G speed into a WiFi hotspot is another. Today EE have revealed a number of options for getting yourself a mobile WiFi cloud to hop onto. The first is something called “Buzzard”. It’s a little widget that basically

O2 continuing to dangle the free 4G carrot

In March we told you how O2 were rolling out 4G for free to selected customers. Now it looks like they’re taking it one stage further, with texts rolling out to further customers to offer free 4G upgrades. The odd phone call to O2 also seems to

EE announce new 4G plans

Morning. ;) It’s a minute into Wednesday and EE have just announced a refresh to their 4G monthly plans. A new set of entry-level 4G plans mean that you can get a 10GB package for just £13.99 per month. That pricing, we must point out, is for all

EE rolling out 300Mbps LTE-A service

A few months ago we brought the story that EE were trailing their new worlds fastest LTE service at 300Mbps in the ‘Tech City’ area of London using the LTE-Advanced technology. This service is only possible by pairing two lots of spectrum together to get super ultra

Three update 4G rollout list, it’s HUGE

So, we brought you the news today Three have 1.7 million 4G customers. However, we have even better news… The MASSIVE list of cities or towns now due to get 4G this year has appeared online on the official Three site. It seems that the Three deployment

All Three customers are now on a 4G plan

The boys at Three have sent us some details on how their roll-out is going. Their deployment started in December last year but they’ve informed us that all of their customers are now on a 4G tariff. Three reckon that around 1.7 million customers are already using

LG announce the LTE equipped F70

LG have a few ranges of devices, the premium G range and the cheaper more budget orientated L range and now they’ve announced a new device the strangely named F70. It comes with all of the software features of the G2 Spec wise it is pretty basic

Three 4G arrives up ‘Anley duck

Stoke-on-Trent. Famous for oatcakes, the potteries and something called “the D road”. Now there’s something else.. 4G! Three are continuing their roll-out and there’s now coverage in parts of Hanley and beyond. Adey Watkins has emailed in to tell us.. I tried a speedtest to the Sheffield

Z1 Compact lands on EE

Until now only O2 had the new Z1 Compact in the UK, that was unless you went via a third party or purchased it SIM-free at full price – over £400. Now EE have just added the Z1 Compact to their large range of 4G devices and

KAZAM Launch more new handsets

Three new handset ranges are being launched today by KAZAM. The new British mobile brand, created by two ex-HTC execs, are launching the new Thunder, Trooper and Life range of handsets in various screen sizes. The full list includes.. The KAZAM Thunder range The ultimate smartphones for

Galaxy Core LTE to arrive here in weeks

Well, we’ve seen the Galaxy Core Advance but now there’s this, the Galaxy Core LTE. It’ll be available to buy here in the UK from Q2 (April) and has a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU along with that 4G speed. Powered by Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) it has a

Three 4G expanding rapidly

Over the last month we’ve posted updates on the Three 4G service. This has started to rollout for customers and not just the 2800 that originally got an early look. We were lucky enough to test the new network during a trip to London, where we checked

Real world Three 4G testing

If you’re here in the UK and use Three, you will no doubt be excited by the thought of free 4G access. Three, unlike many others, won’t charge extra for 4G access. Tweets are going out today from some happy customers stating they’re now seeing 4G on

Tesco Mobile to offer 4G for no additional cost

Three may have been the first network to announce that they wouldn’t charge a premium for using 4G, but now your local Tesco are to do exactly the same. The Tesco Mobile 4G service, which runs on top of the relatively young O2 4G network, will be

We got 50Mbps on Three 4G. Expecting the same?

Recently we showed an early peek into the Three 4G network. It was a test under almost lab conditions and we managed to get around 50Mbps download speeds on the all-new 4G network. However, just like my home fibre connection, there’s a lot of factors that can

Hands on with Three 4G

Three might be the last of the UK networks launching 4G, but many people have chosen to wait for them. It’s especially due to the fact 4G on Three costs no more than your existing deal and you don’t need to swap any plans or SIMs. Also,

EE 4G growth accelerates as two million enjoy LTE

The network originally wanted to get one million customers before the end of 2013, but now it looks like growth is accelerating, with two million 4G customers now using EE. The second million has only taken four months to achieve, compared to 10 months for the first

Lenovo launches four new phones

Lenovo today announced that it’ll be bringing three new Android-powered devices into its 2014 lineup, catering to all corners of the market – if you’re in a country where the devices are sold, that is. We reported last year on Lenovo’s announcement of the Vibe Z, a high-end

O2 tweak 4G pricing. More cats and dogs added

So, err.. how’s that 4G thing coming along eh? (Family guy reference) Hmm? Got a big, uh, big stack of papers there? Got a, got a, got a nice little story you working on there? Your big -big 4G thing you’ve been working on? Hmm? Got a,

EE by gum, more cities switched on to EE 4G

With over 1 million 4G subscribers EE are currently the clear market leader in superfast mobile internet. In order to help fulfil the promise of 99% coverage by the end of 2014 EE are about to switch on another 29 towns and cities. Bath, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge,

4G from 3 goes live

The only mobile operator in the UK to not add an extra charge for its 4G services has started to switch on its next generation network. There has been no official announcement however based on Three’s twitter account  “a few thousand customers” in Manchester, Birmingham and London have

EE switch on 300Mbps LTE-A Network

Back at a recent brief for EE the company said they will be trialling the worlds fastest LTE service offering speeds of 300Mbps using LTE-A (LTE Advanced). According to The Telegraph it looks like today is that day with the combination of the Double Speed 20Mhz at

Nexus 7 LTE now available in the UK

International Android fans rejoice! The Nexus 7 LTE is expanding its availability to several more countries starting today. Google Play is now selling the mobile data-enabled Nexus 7 in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Japan and Korea. Pricing in the UK is at £299 for the 32GB

iPhone 5S and 5C on UK 4G – Confusion reins

So, a quick look on the Apple website reveals something a little worrying. Based on this information, the only UK networks who will be able to make the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c work at 4G speeds are Vodafone and EE. Many websites have picked up on