#MWC18 – Vodafone announce 4G coverage… on the MOON

Yes, the moon. The actual moon. Methinks they’re going to need a bigger coverage map.

#MWC18   Vodafone announce 4G coverage... on the MOON

They’ll be using “Ultra Compact Network” kit, the lightest ever developed. It weighs less than a bag of sugar.

In a partnership with Nokia, the Vodafone 4G network will enable the first live-streaming of HD video from the Moon’s surface to a global audience. It’ll be happening next year, 50 years since the first NASA astronauts set foot on the surface.

A Berlin company called in PTScientists is working with Vodafone and Audi to launch a private landing on the Moon via a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Yes Audi. They’re sending these Audi Quattro “rovers” up there, and they’ll communicate via 4G to a base station, sending HD video and scientific data.

#MWC18   Vodafone announce 4G coverage... on the MOON

Why use a 4G network? Well, the guys on the stand here tell us that it’s far more efficient than analogue radio. Less power is used when sending the data.

Now yes, this is all rather fantastic, we can’t argue with that, but we do think that some Vodafone customer service staff will be hearing this fired at them by those unable to get coverage in certain parts of the UK etc..