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EE in hot water over Priority Answer service

You know that new service that EE have started offering everyone but their pay and go customers? Yeah, the one where you pay 50p to queue jump. Well, it has landed them in some hot water on social media channels. #EE is just the RyanAir of mobile

EE Introduces ‘Priority’ Customer Answer Service… at a cost

Let’s say you’ve got an issue with your network. Perhaps you’ve been over-charged for a bill, or your phone APN settings have wiped themselves. You wouldn’t want to pay them more money to fix a problem they potentially created… right? Well, that’s exactly what EE have begun offering

Vodafone Smart 4 Power and Smart 4 Turbo announced

EE have already released their own 4G handset and now it seems as Vodafone want to join the party too. They’ve just launched the Smart 4 Turbo and, coming soon, they’ll have the Smart 4 Power. These are aimed at lower end of the market and will bring 4G

Vodafone to offer up Netflix to 4G customers

The streaming TV and movie service,  Netflix is to be offered up by Vodafone on their Red 4G plans priced over £26. The deal, which adds to their existing Spotify and Sky Sports offers, dishes up a six-month pre-pad subscription to Netflix. The 4G network from Vodafone

Lycamobile – MVNO now offering very cheap 4G in the UK

If you’ve ever taken more than two journeys on the London Underground then you will have seen the above mascot. If you’ve visited a shop specialising in imported products, specialist foodstuffs and other overseas paraphernalia you will most likely have been exposed to their striking blue branding.

EE deliver their own affordable 4G smartphone

In Barcelona we saw a couple of devices that Orange were making available to their various territories. However, here in the UK the Orange (and T-Mobile) brands are becoming ever more diluted into the big new EE network. So, I asked, will Orange or EE be announcing

Vodafone launch supersized Red XXL 4G plan

For most people a 1GB data package will suit their needs. Sure, it’s not ideal and I’d much prefer if we could all have unlimited packages, but sadly it’s not the case. So if you’re looking for more data, what options do you have? Vodafone have today

Galaxy Core LTE to arrive here in weeks

Well, we’ve seen the Galaxy Core Advance but now there’s this, the Galaxy Core LTE. It’ll be available to buy here in the UK from Q2 (April) and has a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU along with that 4G speed. Powered by Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) it has a

Vodafone 4G reaches 500,000 users

Vodafone launched their 4G services 6 months ago and have announced that they have now reached half a million customers. Vodafone 4G launched just covering London but now covers over 208 towns, districts and cities, which means they’re now covering 36% of the UK population. Their coverage

Real world Three 4G testing

If you’re here in the UK and use Three, you will no doubt be excited by the thought of free 4G access. Three, unlike many others, won’t charge extra for 4G access. Tweets are going out today from some happy customers stating they’re now seeing 4G on

Tesco Mobile to offer 4G for no additional cost

Three may have been the first network to announce that they wouldn’t charge a premium for using 4G, but now your local Tesco are to do exactly the same. The Tesco Mobile 4G service, which runs on top of the relatively young O2 4G network, will be

EE by gum, more cities switched on to EE 4G

With over 1 million 4G subscribers EE are currently the clear market leader in superfast mobile internet. In order to help fulfil the promise of 99% coverage by the end of 2014 EE are about to switch on another 29 towns and cities. Bath, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge,

4G from 3 goes live

The only mobile operator in the UK to not add an extra charge for its 4G services has started to switch on its next generation network. There has been no official announcement however based on Three’s twitter account  “a few thousand customers” in Manchester, Birmingham and London have

EE expand 4G to rural Cumbria

EE have announced today they have expanded 4G coverage into rural Cumbria and over 2000 residents . For just £25 customers will get a promotional deal of 20GB a month Although other deals are also available In testing EE found average speeds of around 24Mbps, which is

Nexus 7 LTE now available in the UK

International Android fans rejoice! The Nexus 7 LTE is expanding its availability to several more countries starting today. Google Play is now selling the mobile data-enabled Nexus 7 in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Japan and Korea. Pricing in the UK is at £299 for the 32GB

The iPhone 5s and 5c – Where to get them

I’ve already had two people tell me how they intend to pay or upgrade to the iPhone 5s this morning, so it’s worth letting you know where you can get one or an iPhone 5c. Firstly, we should point out that all the major networks will be

EE by gum. 100 towns and cities now covered

Tomorrow Voda and O2 will begin their 4G race for coverage, but EE grabbed a massive head-start and have now managed to cover 100 towns and cities with their LTE juice. Now, if you were EE and two big competitors were about to launch their 4G networks

And so it begins.. Vodafone throttling 3G customers

It’s safe to say that 4G hasn’t exactly set the world alight here in the UK. Although there’s obvious benefits, the lack of coverage, relatively low data limits and pricing has meant that most have chosen to stay on 3G. Why? Well, 3G is cheaper, and most

Three reiterate their 4G promise

We’ve seen a lot of noise from O2 and Vodafone about their new 4G plans and value-added content recently. Meanwhile, EE have taken to Twitter to ensure that everyone knows just how much of a head start they have. All these networks have one thing in common

O2 4G Plans revealed

Well, better late than never, O2 have taken the wraps off their 4G pricing. There’s a heavy emphasis on content once again and, ijust like Vodafone, they’ll be dishing up music and sport content to 4G customers. The new 4G tariffs, which are detailed here, include SIM-only

Xperia Z Ultra First Impressions

The day has arrived….. That magic day when you get your hands on with the object you have been lusting after since it was announced in all the glitz and glamour that go with product announcements. This device which is very firmly in the Phablet range with

Have you got your double helping?

The 4th of July. Truly a time to celebrate. Why? Double speed on EE 4G of course! ;) The first UK 4G network is strapping a supercharger to their network and the following 12 cities and towns will see a significant leap in speeds as of today…