Vodafone are helping calves to be born safely

Weird headline, granted, but these tail-mounted sensors are connected to the Vodafone network and will help to bring a healthy calf into the world.

No, the cow isn’t going to be making any strange phone calls, this is a sensor and it is triggered by labour contractions. When the connections reach a certain intensity, an alert is sent via the Vodafone “Internet of Things” network directly to the farmer’s mobile phone. The farmer can then be on hand at the right moment to ensure that there’s less chance of birth complications.

Each year in the UK more than 110,000 calves and 50,000 cows die from birth complications, and it costs quite a bit of cash to replace that cow (think £1000-£5000 per animal). So, with calving season upon us it’s the mobile network and these clever sensors that are helping to reduce the deaths and keep farmers updated on the state of their livestock.

The system is called “Moocall” and you can get further information from their website. There’s a user guide below if you need it.. 🙂