Samsung pay coming to UK

Samsung pay coming to UK

Samsung pay, which is the company’s mobile payment system, is reportedly coming to the United Kingdom, China and Spain in the first quarter of 2016.

Currently only limited to a number of handsets, Samsung Pay, has not been as big as Apple Pay to date. However, one way Samsung has thought to overcome these hardware limitations (and get more users on board) is to expand the availability of the service to other regions of the world. SamMobile states that Samsung will be expanding the mobile payment service to China, Spain, and the UK in Q1 of next year.

Apple Pay is available in the UK but only supported by a limited number of banks and the service has issues with the security PIN restrictions. Apple has been trying to bring Apple Pay to China since its launch in October 2014, but has been unsuccessful so far due to issues with certain Chinese government policies and the rate of commission that banks will have to pay for every on Apple Pay transaction.

If Samsung is able to bring Samsung Pay to China before Apple, it would lead to a huge boost in its popularity among consumers and a significant jump in its user base.

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