New tariffs for Vodafone

New tariffs for Vodafone

As one of the few remaining networks to still offer a 12 month contract, it always pays to keep an eye on Vodafone. So when they announced that new tariffs were being announced, I was intrigued to see what the new propositions were.

And all in all, it seems worth the wait. There are now three tiers:

The Standard bundles. These range from £26 which gives you 500MB of data along with unlimited texts and 500 voice minutes, to the £44 tariff where you get 1GB of data, unlimited texts and 1000 minutes.

Next up are the Red Bundles. These start at £26 a month. That 26 quid gives you unlimited texts, unlimited UK minutes and a bump up from the Standard tariff at 2GB. At the top tier of the Red bundle, you get the same unlimited texts and UK calls, but you also get 20GB to play with for the month.

The new top tier Red Value Bundle gives you something a little different. Vodafone are giving you the option of having a 24 month subscription of NowTV, Spotify, or Sky Sports Mobile on the higher tiers, but all Red Value bundles come with the EuroTraveller.

“Yes, but how much data am I getting?” you may be asking. On the Red Value bundles, the options are 2, 4, 6, 15, or 25GB.

On the lowest £26 tier, you don’t get one of the partner bundles, but you do get unlimited texts and calls, and 2GB of data. At the top end, the 25GB tariff will cost £75.

As Vodafone have announced on their blog, if you’re already in an existing contract and want to upgrade to one of the new bundles, they’ll “switch you over for a £20 one-off fee – or for free if your new 4G bundle costs at least £5 more each month.” 

And the kicker? Now all tariffs allow you to use 4G for free.

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