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Skype on a Chromebook – Almost there

You may remember how I created a way to get the Android version of Skype working on a Chromebook. It’s 10 steps, but to be honest it should be a lot easier. Thankfully, since I wrote that, things have progressed somewhat. Firstly we Android apps coming to

Skype app to be killed off for Windows Phone owners

Skype, which is a piece of software people used to use to communicate with each other before they found WhatsApp, is being ditched for Windows Phone. The product support page states that, if you’re still intent on using a video call, the native Skype client for Windows

Skype. Remember that Windows Phone users?

Quite a few people I know used to use Skype. It’s a great app and you can do all that video calling business, but WhatsApp appears to have taken over the world. We’re organising the charity bike ride (please do donate, we could do with an extra

Skype and Sky. Too similar, rules court

Here we go again. Another battle between Sky and Microsoft and, after a lengthy case, the court has agreed with Sky. What’s the problem? Well, somehow, it would seem that Skype .. … could be mistaken for Sky.. This isn’t the first time that Sky have thrown

Skype.. on web, in the browser.. in a Chromebook. Almost.

You may have noticed that the one of the things that people say stop them from trying out a Chromebook is that they have no ability to use Skype on there to call and talk to their friends and family. Sure you can use Hangouts, but that’s

Skype on a Chromebook in minutes

Gah. The amount of emails I’m getting about this is insane. I updated my instructions on how to get Skype working on a Chromebook earlier this week and I’ve already got people saying that I’ve hacked my Chromebook or done some other weirdness. Others have stated that

Skype on a Chromebook in 10 easy steps

A few months ago I posted a method of getting Skype on a Chromebook. Recently I found that this older method didn’t actually work any more, so here’s a new way of doing it which does. Before I start, please do follow us on Twitter and I

Skype on a Chromebook. Things have changed

Update – We’ve now got a fix, click here to read the update! I added a post back in October which detailed how to get Skype working on your Chromebook. It got a few hits, as did the video demo, which was recorded on the floor in

Skype for Web announced by Microsoft

It’s still in beta, but it’s hope for those who can’t install the relevant Skype client. This should be good news for those wanting Skype on a Chromebook, but to be honest we’ve already sorted that one and I couldn’t get the Skype for Web beta working

Skype on a Chromebook – Here, fixed that for you.

NOTE – This method no longer works, please see the new article here. Some people have avoided getting a Chromebook purely because Skype isn’t available. However, there is a way to get this working, and when you’ve completed one of these three steps the end product is

Hey, Windows Phone 7 users! Say goodbye to Skype

Well. In what can only be described as a “sudden” decision, Skype for Windows Phone 7 is about to be turned off. Microsoft, who own Skype and have probably already annoyed the healthy percentage of Windows Phone customers still using version 7 enough already (complete lack of

Skype updated for tablets

Skype have just updated their tablet app for Android. It’ll now allow a much better experience including a higher resolution video, something very handy if you use video chat for work or for family use. As well as increasing the resolution and a new UI, Skype have

No more Skype updates for Windows Phone 7

Got one of those old-fashioned Windows Phone 7 devices? Yes. I know. They’re not old. Microsoft, however, is ending support for their very own Skype app on the OS. Sure, the product will still be available, but it won’t be updated. Windows Phone 7 users probably won’t

Microsoft update OneNote and Skype for Android

Microsoft had a busy day yesterday, not only did they push out an update for the  Windows Phone Facebook app, they also published a completely redesigned version of OneNote and Skype for Android. Both apps continuing there distinctly Windows Phone feel. OneNote What’s new in this version:

100,000 apps available for BB10 devices

Almost two months after the launch of BlackBerry 10 OS, BlackBerry have announced that it now has over 100,000 apps on its marketplace: a 30,000 app increase in less than two months – pretty impressive. To help mark the special occasion a number of new apps have

Skype for Android updated with a nice tablet UI

It’s always nice when a large name app developer like Skype actually update their app to have a decent tablet UI. This mornings update to Skype has added exactly that. Here are a few screenshots showing what to expect. The what’s new section of the Play Store

Windows Phone 8 gets Skype

Much has been made about the fact that Skype, now owned by Microsoft, hasn’t been available for Windows Phone 8 at launch. However, a little late but better than never, it’s available – albeit in a preview version. You should be able to grab it through the

Got a Lumia 610? We’ve got some bad news

So, as we know, Windows Phone hasn’t quite got the same Angry Birds selection as iPhone or Android. Rovio chief marketing officer stated that Windows Phone was a “big undertaking” and that the “cost of supplying” it to the “smaller platforms” just didn’t add up. There is,

Freetalk HD Camera and Handset winners

Just over a month ago we held a competition to win one of three of these Freetalk HD camera and headsets. We had hundreds and hundreds of entries and can now announce the winners… Gary Weldon Gavin Lewandowski David Edge A big congratulations to you lot! We’ve