Skype on a Chromebook – Almost there

You may remember how I created a way to get the Android version of Skype working on a Chromebook. It’s 10 steps, but to be honest it should be a lot easier. Thankfully, since I wrote that, things have progressed somewhat. Firstly we Android apps coming to Chromebooks and we’ve also got the Skype Web interface working pretty well on them too.

So, we’re there now, right?

Skype on a Chromebook   Almost there

Well, not .. quite.. I do enjoy making and receiving voice calls on the Skype Web interface, especially as my battered Chromebook only cost £100 off eBay and it’s a bonus to have the Skype-calling functionality. However, video calls still aren’t quite there. Although it does ask when you login to use your webcam, it doesn’t seem to send my webcam footage. Likewise I can’t view the webcam footage of the other party, so despite this service being live for about a month now on Chromebooks, it’s still voice only.

Still, it’s better than nothing.