Windows Phone 8 gets Skype

Windows Phone 8 gets Skype

Much has been made about the fact that Skype, now owned by Microsoft, hasn’t been available for Windows Phone 8 at launch. However, a little late but better than never, it’s available – albeit in a preview version.

You should be able to grab it through the Windows Store too.

Microsoft have helped to save my fingers with this video showing it in action…

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Link – Skype for WIndows Phone 8
Via – WPCentral

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  • Anonymous

    The more interesting part of this (for me) is that in order to properly support Skype (without getting into “trouble”) they didn’t bake Skype into the OS (as people kept – wrongly – suggesting they should) but instead they built APIs to support VoIP applications and baked those in.
    Of course this also means that they can properly support Lync (so an in house win) but it should also mean that other VoIP “clients” appear (I would hope for a decent generic SIP client though I suspect I’m not going to see something that supports IAX – which I’d prefer – any time soon)