Got a Lumia 610? We’ve got some bad news

Got a Lumia 610? Weve got some bad newsSo, as we know, Windows Phone hasn’t quite got the same Angry Birds selection as iPhone or Android. Rovio chief marketing officer stated that Windows Phone was a “big undertaking” and that the “cost of supplying” it to the “smaller platforms” just didn’t add up.

There is, however, one version of Angry Birds for Windows Phone. It doesn’t quite have the same amount of levels as other platforms, but Windows Phone owners can at least play the rather excellent pig-squashing game. It’s available for 79p here, however there seems to be an issue with the new Nokia Lumia 610. Although we were made aware that 5% of Windows Marketplace apps wouldn’t work on Tango handsets, it wasn’t clear that one of the “big hitters” would be in that 5%. The Inquirer have tried installing Angry Birds on the Lumia 610 handset, which has 256MB and an 800MHZ single-core CPU. It wasn’t able to download the app and we’ve also heard that football game PES and even the Microsoft-owned Skype failed to work too.

A budget Windows Phone that won’t load Skype and Angry Birds? Methinks potential customers could be heading to a budget Android phone instead.


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  • Aran

    Purchased and working perfect on my Samsung Omnia 7. At 79p a fantastic bargain for what feels like a very lone-some marketplace… 

  • Aran

    Here is more detail from The Verge:

    “Skype, Tango, Angry Birds, and PES 2012 all refuse to install at the moment, presenting a RAM
    warning in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s too early to say whether
    the app developers involved will be pushing out updates to support
    256MB of RAM devices, but the restrictions on such popular apps appear
    to signal the first type of hardware fragmentation on Windows Phone.”

    • Anonymous

      I’m hoping Microsoft will be able to work around these issues, but I can’t see why they didn’t just stick 512MB in to begin with. Surely it couldn’t have upped the cost that much ?

      Leigh Geary (Gears)