Microsoft update OneNote and Skype for Android

Microsoft update OneNote and Skype for Android
Microsoft had a busy day yesterday, not only did they push out an update for the  Windows Phone Facebook app, they also published a completely redesigned version of OneNote and Skype for Android. Both apps continuing there distinctly Windows Phone feel.


What’s new in this version:
* New note formatting options and full fidelity viewing
* Support for Office 365 based notebooks
* Support for roaming “Most Recently Used” list
* Home screen Widgets with quick actions for capturing photo and audio notes
* Create audio notes
* Search

Microsoft update OneNote and Skype for Android


Skype sum up the whole redesign quite well.

What’s new in this version:
★ Everything.
No, seriously. Quite literally everything. We took a closer look at all the ways people use Skype, and used that insight to lovingly redesign and rebuild a shiny new Skype for Android.
Got an Android tablet? Don’t worry if you don’t see any changes, yours are just around the corner…
★ Free and unlimited video messaging
Record life’s everyday moments and share them with the people who matter most, with free and unlimited video messaging over Skype.

Both apps are really handy, I really find OneNote handy because of its cross platform prowess, as I can easily share the same Notes on my Android devices or my Windows Phone devices or even heaven forbid my Surface RT.

To install or update these apps just head over to the links below and the rest is easy.

Microsoft update OneNote and Skype for Android

Play Store Link – OneNoteSkype

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  • the_prof

    Good to hear – I’m not a big fan of the way Skype was designed before. That said – and I’m not sure if it’s just me – has anybody else found Skype to be pretty unreliable in the past few releases? I’ve certainly found that my video and voice calls (usually on fast Wifi) have been quite choppy and unreliable. Compare the quality to the likes of FaceTime, and Skype doesn’t come close. Just interested…

    • Paul

      Skype seemed a bit unpredictable on the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 in that the front camera did not appear to work during calls, so those on the other end of the line could not see us. Front camera works fine in other apps. There’s a lot of posts on the MS Skype Forum with similar issues, and if you opened the camera app, switched to front camera, then loaded Skype (or clear data cache for the App) it seemed to work around the problem. That said, it just put me off using it.

      I’ll give this new version a go though, once the tablet version is updated to see if it’s rectified the problem.