Skype finally coming to Windows Phone?

Last year Microsoft announced that their recently acquired business Skype, would soon be releasing a WP version of its video software. This was followed by a complete lack of updates and the usual shouting from users (don’t mention the lack of front facing Cameras on the first gen phones). This changed with the Mango release and current models are now sporting such cameras. However Microsoft is still quiet on the all-important Skype release date.

That said, over the weekend Robert Scoble has chipped into the debate, and despite getting his facts wrong to start with (he’s no fan of Windows Phones) he has managed to get some information out of Skype’s CEO Tony Bates.  Bates stated that while Microsoft and Skype are planning in depth integration into the next major version of WP codename Apollo, there will soon also be a Mango standalone app.

How soon is soon is anyone’s guess but the sooner we see the ‘must have’ apps on WP the quicker people might take it more seriously.

Source – Robert Scoble