Skype on a Chromebook in minutes

Gah. The amount of emails I’m getting about this is insane. I updated my instructions on how to get Skype working on a Chromebook earlier this week and I’ve already got people saying that I’ve hacked my Chromebook or done some other weirdness. Others have stated that this is still too much faffing around and it’s easier just to get another laptop.

Skype on a Chromebook in minutes

Yes, yes there is a small element of “faff”, but my Chromebook cost me £100. It doesn’t owe me anything and, for the money, I’m prepared to spend less than 5 minutes getting this working. Sure, the Android Skype app I’m using here could be quicker on initial boot, but once you’re done, you’re done.

So, just one last time, I’m going to show you how to get this working. This time, in video. In the footage I refer to the original post, so do check that out if you want to get this working.

Knock the YouTube video up to HD so that you can see the text on the Chromebook more clearly..

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