Get Tango on your Mango

Get Tango on your MangoI use Tango daily to call my wife and, even with the “upside down screen” bug on the Desire S, it’s a fantastic video-calling app. It’s now set to be the first video-calling app on Windows Phone Mango.

What makes this surprising is the fact that Microsoft bought Skype in May and we all presumed that they would be first out of the gates.

Tango allows video calling between phones provided the Tango app is installed. It works via your internet connection and is incredibly easy to use. Unfortunately all this will fall a bit flat if you’re looking to buy the heavily-marketed Nokia Lumia 800 as it doesn’t have a face-pointing camera.

Link – Forbes

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  • Anonymous

    If only the Nokia Lumia 800 had a front-facing camera like it’s sister, the N9.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s strange how they’ve decided to remove it ?