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Honor 5C – Picture special

The Honor handsets are helping to cause problems for Android manufacturers wanting to price their phones highly. As part of Huawei, the Honor handsets deliver all the Huawei technology but at a crazily competitive price. This is the Honor 5C. A phone you can buy for £149.99

Huawei P9 – Camera test and up-close images

Yesterday we reported live from the Huawei #OO launch and it quickly became apparent that the “double OO” referred to the double lens setup of the new Leica camera at the rear of the P9 and the P9 Plus. First, the difference between the two phones. The

3 in 1 Lens Set – Review

Taking snaps on your phone is something everybody does. Taking artistic ones, well… that’s maybe a bit tricky unless you have something like this. Now, you may have seen these clip-on lens gadgets before. It’s a simple idea. You use a clip which is almost like a

Nexus 6P – Night shot special

I’ll be honest and say that this is a bit of a quick and dirty post. See, I had a read of our Nexus 6P review and I’ve had chance to borrow one. I’ve been using the phone to take some photos, including some of the ones

Sony Xperia Z3+ – Photo Special

Today we were lucky enough to get hands on with Sony’s new flagship the Xepria Z3+. This is a really nice evolution of the Z3 and one that would make a nice upgrade from anyone who is using a Xperia Z or Xperia Z2. It is also

LG G Flex2 – Photo special

Way back in March 2014, before I started going grey after typing a ber-zillion posts a week, I took a look at the banana-shaped G Flex from LG. What they were basically trying to do was make an impact. People had seen the same old political parties

Smartphones – Killing conversation, stopping friendships.

You guys come here, hopefully, because you love your gadgets and smartphones. Even those who don’t have a vested interest in the latest technology probably still have a smartphone of some kind, and they’re probably more than capable of surfing the web, getting Facebook updates and plugging

HTC One M9 pictures leak out ahead of MWC

Yay! Just a few weeks to Mobile World Congress and we’re getting the inevitable leaks ahead of the event. Yesterday we found some early details on the HTC One M9 but now we have some prototype photos and, as expected, it looks very similar to the already

Drivers fined for snapping photos whilst driving

Picture the scene. You’ve been held up in traffic for ages. You’ve got sunburn from the brake lights of the car in front. Eventually, after shuffling along on the motorway for what seems like hours, you see the cause of your misery. A truck, on it’s side

You want a serious amount of online storage?

Whether you’ve got a big microSD card in your phone or you’ve got plenty of on-board storage, backing your stuff up to the cloud is always a good idea. There’s a big selection of online storage providers, or you can get yourself a NAS drive and backup

Up-close with the LG G Watch

Packing an always-on display, 400mAh battery (which is enough for a day of activity) and powered by Android Wear, this is the LG G Watch. It’s both dust and water resistant, plus you can just say “OK Google” to ask it questions, such as “Come on KITT

What’s on the end of your stick? Oh, it’s your phone.

Yes, you really are seeing this. That “joke picture” circling around the internet featuring a guy holding his phone on the end of a stick is an actual product. It’s called the Me-Shot Deluxe and, to be fair, is a bit more than just a big stick.

More shots of the LG G3 leak

We’ve already seen LG announce details of the case for the G3 before it’s even been announced (which was… weird) and last night we saw a massive stack of videos. Now another shot has appeared, courtesy of the usual suspect. Blimey, just a few leaks then! Now,

New Lenovo tricks in action

During our time with Lenovo last week we got chance to have a look at a couple of software additions that you’ll find on their new handsets. The first is SHAREit – which is an app you can download on iPhone and Android. It’s an incredibly simple

Cat photos overtake ‘selfies’

Not too many years ago we were amazed at the thought of having a 1 megapixel camera on our mobile phone. Little did we know where all this was heading. If you think the current ‘selfie’  craze was big, it seems people sharing cat photos is even

Android App Review – Focus photo sharing

Don’t you just hate it when you hand your phone to a friend to have a look at a picture you’ve taken and they then start looking through the rest of your shots? Well there’s an app for that now. Focus photo sharing deals with this exact

Just what were you doing on Christmas morning?

Every now and then, usually when I’m just falling asleep, I have mad ideas for the site. I tried to stick a smartphone to my car once to try and create a cheap version of the GoPro sports camera. It didn’t work. The phone fell off somewhere

HTC Desire 500 – Photo Special

Take yourself a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU, 4GB of on-board storage (plus a microSD card slot for more space) and a 4.3″ WVGA screen. Sounds good so far. Add a dash of GPS, a 3.5mm audio port, Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, WiFi and the Beats Audio technology. All this