Honor 6X First Impressions

First impressions matter. Or so we are led to believe. My Honor 6X arrived today and I’ve wasted no time taking it out of its box and popping my SIM and a memory card into it. The things I do for Coolsmartphone.com and you readers.

Honor 6X First Impressions

The Honor 6X is a 5.5″ Android device with a recommended retail price of £224.99, with vmall.eu listing it at £229. I ordered mine on launch day and got the 10% off white or gold model (grey with black front was not in stock), bringing the paid price to £206.10 with free delivery. Delivery was fast and arrived “next day”.

A trade-off made by whoever was in charge of the Honor 6X was to use a single SIM/MicroSD tray. This means you will only be able to use one nanoSIM with a MicroSD or a nanoSIM with a microSIM. There is therefore no option to use the dual SIM capability and expand the 32GB of built in storage. This is a downgrade compared to the Honor 5X, which had a SIM and MicroSD tray and a separate second SIM tray. I suppose they did their homework and decided this was the best fit for their target audience.

Honor 6X First Impressions

The packaging is the Honor standard box with the “Honor 6X” script embossed in silver letters, and on the inside you find the Honor 6X smartphone, a SIM tray ejector tool, a mains charger, Micro USB cable and standard Huawei earbuds.

Once all the stickerage was removed, the silver back feels smooth on the metal main panel. However, there is a noticeable bump when passing your finger over to the panels at the top and bottom of the device. This is the sort of build I’ve seen before on UMIDIGI devices and, whilst functional and cost effective, doesn’t give the best of first impressions. I probably won’t notice it when my mockodile case arrives soon.

The camera module protrudes slightly from the main body of the Honor 6X while the LED flash is flush. The fingerprint scanner is slightly recessed on the back of the device.

Honor 6X First Impressions

On the front the 5.5″ full HD screen is lovely and has minimal black bezel before the actual white bezel starts. While I appreciate screen protectors being pre-applied on shiny new handsets, the one on the Honor 6X doesn’t actually cover the whole screen. My limited OCD flared up when I noticed that detail.

The EMUI setup was the standard experience, with prompts to login to Huawei and Google accounts.

The Honor 6X is currently installing apps and updating pre-installed ones, so I won’t have a proper play around with the device until that has finished.

We’ll be discussing my first impressions of the Honor 6X this evening on the Coolsmartphone Podcast, live at 20:00 GMT. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like us to discuss or you would like me to cover in the Honor 6X review.