Fancy a Selfie Ring ?

Christmas seems to have just flown by, and somehow we’re just days away from February. During the festive season, as part of the regular “works Christmas do”, I got to go to the Zulu Sundance party  at the NEC in Birmingham. It was definitely different, and you’re met by tribesmen and women who drum and dance in front of a large Congo jungle and waterfall. Canapés and free drinks are served and the champagne and shots followed soon after.

Whilst I was at the event I came to three conclusions. The first is to never, ever try and take a photo in the dark when you’re a little bit tipsy on free alcohol. The second is not to try dancing like you used to at the school disco and the third is that I’m rubbish at roulette and poker.

OK, I know what you’re about to say. The endless beers probably impaired by ability somewhat. Yes, that would be true, but the event had both a fairground and a casino around the edge of the halls and I decided to try my hand before I’d lost all control of my marbles. I’d become quite confident, especially when it came to the poker tables, as I’d already tried the Texas Holdem Poker from 888poker. I’ve actually won a bit of money too and felt confident enough to have a go. As luck would have it I did win a little bit of cash, however I quickly found out that it was a “fun casino” with all profits donated to charity. 

In my mind poker seems to have an element of skill to it, and as I was feeling so positive in my abilities I decided to take a look at the roulette wheel too. This, as you may have guessed, has a larger element of luck to it and I didn’t win a thing.

However, what I noticed out of the corner of my eye was a work colleague taking photos of me doing all this. I’ll not force these drunken photos on you, but I noticed that he was using a “selfie ring” to take shots of himself and his wife. You can see the clip-on attachment here. It gives a music-video style light with a ring of 32 LED’s bathing your face in a soft glow which gives you a more natural shot than a standard flash. They cost about £12 and are powered by AAA batteries if you want one, and he’s probably looking for one right now as it dropped off his phone one of the fairground rides and was never seen again.