MWC – Meet the nubia Alpha wearable phone

We’ve seen foldable phones in Barcelona, and – in years past (actually, it was 2016!) – we’ve seen flexible displays. The latter was actually first brought to our attention as a possible wearable by FlexEnable but they didn’t have the necessary capacity to make it a full-on production device.

Now though, from numbia, is this – the Alpha. It’s a wearable phone with a 4″ wrap-around display, and WiFi, Bluetooth – all the bits you’d expect. No need for a separate smartphone to hook into – this has an eSIM and lets you send texts, make calls and access the internet. You can also take photos with the 5 megapixel camera or do video calls. They’ve tested that screen with over 100,000 flexes, so it should be sturdy enough.

It’s water-resistant sop you can use it in the shower and is made with stainless steel. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 CPU and has a 500mAh battery which is charged off a magnetic charging base with quick-charge tech. It’ll run for 48 hours on standby and, in addition to being a phone, it’ll also do all the smartwatch activity like activity tracking and sleep logging.

Along with the eSIM smartphone version, there’ll also be a Bluetooth version available in April for €449, which will probably work out at £399. The 4G version looks to be arriving at the same time, albeit in China first (Europ in Q3 and North America in Q4) for €549 (probably £499) if you want the black or €649 for the Gold plated (probably £599).

Flashy promotional videos below..