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What will the new iPhone have? This guy knows.

As the speculation around Apple’s new iPhone accelerates towards hysteric levels, you could go crazy trying to keep up with all the rumours and leaks. So here’s some light relief for us all, with Dilbert’s take on matters. Source: Dilbert

BBC iPlayer to allow mobile downloads

The BBC have announced that starting with the iOS version they will be updating their iPlayer apps to support mobile downloads. The download is meant to be valid for thirty days, which makes me think we might see a few issues with jailbroke and rooted devices. The

New Apple “Anti-Mod” Screw Turns Out To Be A Hoax

Every day it seems there is a new Apple rumour to try and decipher and last week was no different. There was talk that Apple was going to begin using a custom made screw that would stop people from modding their iPhones. The community at large was

BBC Top Gear News App Now Available For All Platforms

At the risk of sounding sexist, ask a man what his main interests are and outside of women and beer the answer for the vast majority would be gadgets and cars. Hopefully we here at Coolsmartphone bring you your fill of phone related gadgets and now we

A new dawn…

I’ve spent over a decade writing about phones now. However, in the last couple of years we’ve expanded the team here at Coolsmartphone quite significantly. We now have a fantastic weekly Podcast, opinion pieces and talented authors ready to pounce on news as it breaks. But something

YouTube app will not be part of iOS 6

Apple released iOS 6 beta 4 to developers this afternoon and in a move that may not be overly surprising, the YouTube app has been removed completely.  To say relations between Apple and Google have been strained recently would be an understatement. On stage at WWDC Apple

Apple Prototypes Revealed

Apple vs Samsung (or Samsung vs Apple) kicked off this week and its proving to be a hugely interesting affair because of the evidence thats being shown. The Verge have a man inside the courts reporting back and they have managed to get their hands on a

iPhone Event September 12th?

The New iPhone will be announced on Wednesday September 12th and will be available to buy on the 21st, at least according to Rene Ritchie over at iMore. Before last year, Apple typically held an event in the 2nd week of September to launch new iPods but

The iPhone 5 – Really? Is that it?

Rumours are annoying at times. Before the Samsung Galaxy SIII launch, details and “blurrycam” photos were hitting websites all over the web and they were mostly wrong. Now it is the turn of Apple and the iPhone 5, and a recent set of rumoured images and video

Apple Fires Up The Machines

Rumours have been on going for a few weeks now about Apples next handset. The device dubbed the “iPhone 5” is possibly going to be release sometime in the next few months. Will you be buying one? Going off the rumours Apple has started the machines rolling

Word Hex – Addictive iOS Game

There is a new game developer in town. We are introducing Very Nice Studio. The new developers have come up with an addictive game that allows you to pass the time of day whilst using your brain. Word Hex. The aim of the game is to find

Get an iPhone case and support a great cause

Got an iPhone? Want to get a cover for it and protect your purchase? Sure, there’s stacks to choose from, but we think this is the one to get. HMV have teamed up with the Teenage Cancer Trust to offer these branded iPhone 4/4S covers to raise

Coolsmartphone recommended iOS app: Defense Zone HD

The tower defense genre is a well established one in gaming, and there are plenty to choose from on the App Store. But a star in the field is Defense Zone HD, from developer Artem Kotov. While the gameplay follows the standard method of defending against increasingly

New Day, New iPhone Leak

Speculation has been mounting regarding a possible date for the launch of the new iPhone and as the days go by more and more leaks are springing. Today’s comes thanks to a picture from Apple.pro and reportedly shows the front plate of the new iPhone which shows a

Rumour alert – iPhone snaps removed

A website called KitGuru picked up some shots of the iPhone 5 recently and we ran a story a few days ago and you can see them below. These shots have since been pulled off-line, with the website blaming … Due to external pressures, which we are

New iPhone to be announced on 7th August?

A few websites have been throwing around a possible launch date of the new iPhone – August 7th. If true this gives us less than a month away. There have been leaked photos (like the one below) of what we are expecting the new flagship phone from

New iPhone Photos Leak

Leak season is upon us once again and from here on in its all about the new iPhone. These photos come from Kitguru who have indicated that the photos are of a test assembly unit and were taken somewhere in the “Far East”. Pictured side by side

Do you say “no” to upgrades?

Something strange seems to have happened in our house recently. My wife has the HTC Desire S. She loves it, and she’s broken it more times than I can remember (insurance is a must). A few months ago she came to the end of her contract, but