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Word Hex – Addictive iOS Game

There is a new game developer in town. We are introducing Very Nice Studio. The new developers have come up with an addictive game that allows you to pass the time of day whilst using your brain. Word Hex. The aim of the game is to find

Get an iPhone case and support a great cause

Got an iPhone? Want to get a cover for it and protect your purchase? Sure, there’s stacks to choose from, but we think this is the one to get. HMV have teamed up with the Teenage Cancer Trust to offer these branded iPhone 4/4S covers to raise

Coolsmartphone recommended iOS app: Defense Zone HD

The tower defense genre is a well established one in gaming, and there are plenty to choose from on the App Store. But a star in the field is Defense Zone HD, from developer Artem Kotov. While the gameplay follows the standard method of defending against increasingly

New Day, New iPhone Leak

Speculation has been mounting regarding a possible date for the launch of the new iPhone and as the days go by more and more leaks are springing. Today’s comes thanks to a picture from Apple.pro and reportedly shows the front plate of the new iPhone which shows a

Rumour alert – iPhone snaps removed

A website called KitGuru picked up some shots of the iPhone 5 recently and we ran a story a few days ago and you can see them below. These shots have since been pulled off-line, with the website blaming … Due to external pressures, which we are

New iPhone to be announced on 7th August?

A few websites have been throwing around a possible launch date of the new iPhone – August 7th. If true this gives us less than a month away. There have been leaked photos (like the one below) of what we are expecting the new flagship phone from

New iPhone Photos Leak

Leak season is upon us once again and from here on in its all about the new iPhone. These photos come from Kitguru who have indicated that the photos are of a test assembly unit and were taken somewhere in the “Far East”. Pictured side by side

Do you say “no” to upgrades?

Something strange seems to have happened in our house recently. My wife has the HTC Desire S. She loves it, and she’s broken it more times than I can remember (insurance is a must). A few months ago she came to the end of her contract, but

Opinion: Apple, Beauty or the Beast?

I listened with interest to Jamie’s self confessed rant on the Coolsmartphone podcast number 4 where he describes in great detail his thoughts on Apples actions around the patent lawsuits. It is really worth a listen, not only does his passion come across but so does the

Bored? Hazardous Balloon Will Help!

Do you find that you get bored during your commute, in the evenings or those wet weekends waiting for the new week to start. Hazard Creation have come up with a neat little game that can kill a few hours here and there. The app is simple.

Opinion: Google, You have failed again!

At 5.30pm on Wednesday night I settled myself down to watch the keynote speech at Google I/o – Google’s developers conference (their very own version of WWDC.) There had been plenty of rumours about an upcoming OS release, a new tablet and Google TV. I watched as

Be the Amazing Spider-Man

Spider Man, Spider Man, does whatever a Spider can. Now the movie spin-off-app “The Amazing Spider-Man” is now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android for just £4.99. You get 25 missions to fight your way through. Spider-Man has to keep the city free of rampaging

NFC – What you need to know *Updated* with forum link

NFC stands for Near Field Communication you may have seen it in shops now as contactless payment basically its a set of standards for smartphones that enables the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices. NFC tags, like stickers, key fobs

Are screen sizes out of control?

Following the recent releases of large screened super phones from the likes of HTC and Samsung there has been a lot of discussion over whether the mainstream phone market is ready devices of this size. So are we ready for larger screens? Well with the pre-orders for

Run For Your Lives…It’s The Killer Phone!

It could be said that Samsung are clearly misleading people when they claim that the new Galaxy S III is “Made for Humans”.  As the pictures show, it may be designed to murder them viciously and without remorse. Pictures posted by an angry unsuspecting member of the public

Fight Your Corner!

Since I write for CoolSmartphone.com and am very passionate about phones and technology everyone expects me to have the latest and greatest, most people are surprised when I say I own a Motorola Atrix and ask why I don’t have something more impressive! I’ve spent a lot of time

The Coolsmartphone Podcast

We here at Coolsmartphone love talking about the mobile industry. We are constantly sending emails, talking in the forums and on twitter and now we are hugely excited to have a podcast where we can chat and you guys can listen in. The first episode can be

Nokia – Iceberg, right ahead.

This morning, like you, I read about the Nokia cuts. Nokia appear, in my opinion, to be hitting the same issue that Microsoft and Windows Mobile tackled four or five years ago. Complacency. There was far too much washing about. Nokia were the undisputed king of the

Is This The iPhone 5??

BGR have picked up some images of what appears to be a fully working Apple iPhone 5 (if that is to be the name) complete with a redesign over the existing 4S which is now thinner and seems to be a unibody aluminium design with glass. Whilst we cannot

iOS 6 feature compatibility – what will work on your device?

Following yesterday’s story about iOS 6’s new turn-by-turn feature requiring an iPhone 4S, we’ve pulled together a handy run-down of which features will work on which iOS devices when iOS 6 is released in the autumn. iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPad 2 New iPad Siri No Yes No