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“I’m going to destroy Android” – Steve Jobs

It seems that Steve Jobs was more than a little unhappy about Android. A new autobiography by Walter Isaacson has already been quoted by The Huffington Post and, well, he was a little angry when he saw “how similar” Android was to the iPhone.. Our lawsuit is

Waze app review

      Waze is a new take on the traditional sat nav apps we’re all familiar with. There are two major differences; one, the maps are not stored on the device (although recently visited areas are cached on the device I believe) and two, the incidents

Rainbow Waterfalls

Rainbow Waterfalls developed by Lazyboy Developments is an addictive little game. I’ve tried my hardest to put it down on a number of occasions today and struggled to succeed. It’s an excellent little time waster and you find yourself saying “I’ll just do this next one” 5

iPhone 4S unboxing and 2nd glance

Literally in the door, on the table and under the knife … here’s an unboxing…   … and after the break we take a look at this …   and then a gander at Siri….    

Do you wish your Android phone looked like an iPhone?

Do you wish you had a seemingly endless sea of icons? Do you hate useful widgets for music or weather? Do you want a plain old lockscreen that just slides to the side? If you are repeatedly shouting yes, then you will need todays apps. Below are

Samsung seeks iPhone 4S sales ban

Samsung have ramped up the pressure on Apple this morning by seeking a complete ban of iPhone 4S sales in Japan and Australia. The decision comes after Samsung filed an injunction attempt against the 4S in France and Italy just after the launch, and just days after

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S2 – FIIIIGHT!

Ok, so the iPhone 4S has been out since Friday and much has been covered on lots of different sites about Siri, the various speed improvements etc.. However, whilst all these things are great, the thing I use most on my phone is the camera.  I wanted

iOS 5 Is Here!

Apple have made iOS 5 available to the public. At 6:06PM I plugged my iPhone 4 into iTunes clicked update and away it went. Be sure to update to iTunes 10.5 before you try to update though. iTunes 10.5 also includes the long awaited iTunes Match which

iFlashDrive iOS USB stick up for pre-order

iPhone, iPod and iPad users rejoice! You can now move data around easily with the HyperDrive iFlashDrive. On one end it’s a standard USB connector and works just like any other USB stick, but on the other there’s the 30-pin dock connector for connecting to your iPhone

Facebook – iOS app issues

The Facebook iOS app, updated yesterday to Version 4.0. It also includes an iPad version but threw a wobbler for a lot of people. After updating, this image is an example of what a lot of users could see, and they could only dream about how the

The Galaxy S II cleans up in Mobile Choice Awards

Mobile Choice have dished out their Consumer Awards for 2011. The event was hosted in London with 10,000 readers voting in an online survey. The results are as follows… Tablet of the year – Apple iPad 2 Phone of the year – Samsung Galaxy S II Best

iPhone 4S pricing round up

Want to pre-order an iPhone 4S? Want to compare the deals? To help you, we have done a quick comparison of the 3 new devices (storage wise) and compared the popular 24 month, £35 a month price bracket, across the networks. Plan Details O2 Orange T-Mobile Three

Samsung to try and block iPhone 4S sales

The war between Samsung and Apple continues. Reuters reports that it will file patent-infringement claims to try and ban the sale of the new iPhone 4S before it even hits the shops. Samsung said preliminary injunction requests for a ban on iPhone 4S sales will be filed

Steve Jobs dies

We’re waking up this morning to the sad news that former Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs has died. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003 but continued to be a huge driving force in the mobile industry until very recently. His infamous “One more thing…” announcements

No thanks, I’m sticking with my Galaxy S II

Hello. My name is Leigh. I started this whole thing back in 2002. Back then it was all about the Microsoft Smartphone but over the years there’s been a colossal change in the mobile landscape. Today Apple announced the iPhone 4S. Despite what people say, it’ll be

New iPhone launch – how was it for you?

So, the wait is over and Apple have finally announced their latest object of desire. Months of increasingly fevered speculation had us gadget freaks desperate for news of the iPhone 5/4S/4G or whatever it would be called. Rumours about a new shape, aluminium body, bigger screen… all

Vodafone iPhone 4S bumper available now….

So what does this little nugget of information mean do you think? Yup – that’s what we thought too! It’s an iPhone 4S people, faster, better and nearly ready to hold in our grubby little mits! But will any of us iPhone 4 users actually bother upgrading? Or are

iPhone Launch event scheduled

With rumours continuing to swirl around there’s now finally some concrete information about the next iPhone, or the launch event at least. Invites for the October 4th event have gone out to journalists with the subject “Let’s talk iPhone”. It’ll be held at the Apple campus in

Track your costs – Contractor Expenses

I used to be a contractor and I remember vividly the mountains of receipts and scribbled notes that used to pile up in the car. Keeping track of journeys and expenses can be a nightmare, and this is where a new iPhone app called Contractor Expenses steps

Use Google +?

Recently The big G made its new social platform Google + into an open beta for all to join. Along with opening their gates to the world, they updated the G+ mobile apps for Android and iOS. Android being Google’s, got the update first and us Apple