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Triposo launches new travel app for iPhone

Triposo has been around for about a year now on both Android and iOS platforms. It’s a useful app to have installed on your phone when you go on holiday and offers you a lot of information about the city you are in. The main great thing

Apple releases iOS 5.1.1

Apple has released an update to iOS, version 5.1.1 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The changes are as follows: Improves reliability of using HDR option for photos taken using the Lock Screen shortcut Addresses bugs that could prevent the new iPad from switching between 2G and

Samsung Galaxy SIII – The next big thing?

We’ve got another video of the Samsung Galaxy SIII for you below. I’ll let you enjoy it but I’d like to tell you my thoughts after attending the event on Thursday.. The Galaxy SIII launch event was very busy and I’ve had some time to think about

A new and improved Coolsmartphone

I’ll fess up. I’ve taken quite a bit of heat these last few weeks. However, after facing the possible closure of the site just a few weeks ago, I saw how quickly you guys rallied around and helped us out. Right then, more than ever, It brought

Basket Buddies – Find deals close to you easily

So, you may have heard about HotUKDeals. It’s the site where deals, vouchers and freebies are posted by a huge community of bargain-hunters. Although they’ve had an Android app available for a while, there’s now a new Basket Buddies app for Android and iPhone. Instead of searching

Should we bring the forum back?

Today we had an interesting discussion amongst the brilliant writers here at Coolsmartphone. It’s a discussion that is still going on now, and emails are flying around pretty quickly. This got me thinking. I kinda miss the forum in a way. Discussions like the one we’re having

HiDrive adds extra features to their mobile apps

The bods from HiDrive have been twiddling around with their mobile apps and have added stacks of new features. Their service is similar to DropBox but locks your important stuff away in one of their ISO 27001-accredited datacentres in Germany. All versions now have bandwidth-friendly image previews,

O2 customers get to Go On & On

A new tariff from O2 will dish out unlimited minutes and unlimited text with prices starting at £26 a month if you keep your current phone. There’s a decent data allowance too – 1GB. The plan prices go up if you’re bundling with a new phone and

Independent investigation finds issues at Foxconn plant

OK, story so far. The Foxconn factory, which makes a lot of tech stuff for a lot of tech companies, received a lot of bad press over long working hours, poor safety and suicides. Apple, who of course have the iPads and iPhones build at Foxconn, did

Channel 5 coming to your Android

Channel 5. Ahhh.. it’s 15 years old. Who can believe it eh? Anyone remember all those VCR’s getting re-programmed by engineers? What was it all for eh? Now all those crummy analogue transmitters are getting turned off and we’ve all thrown those video recorders in the bin.

Microsoft attempt to quell the “Smoked by” fail

So, following our earlier story, Microsoft are now trying to make amends with Sahas Katta. He won a “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge with his Android-powered Galaxy Nexus. Microsoft are trying to make amends by offering up a laptop and phone. Many on Twitter have already congratulated

Windows Phone 7 now outsells Symbian

Back in February last year Symbian had a 12.4% share of the smartphone market here in the UK. Now, according to figures by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, this has now dropped to 2.4%. The 10% drop means that Windows Phone 7 has now … just…. overtaken the Symbian

Sky Sports TV for iOS adds Sky Sports F1

Did you see the Australian GP toys weekend? What? No, its not an Australian Doctor, we’re talking about the F1 racing, and you can watch now on the Sky Sports TV app. Link – Sky Sports TV

MWC – Is it all about the brand?

What is it about a brand? I had a pretty long conversation this evening about just that. Sure, specs and build quality matter. Innovation, ease-of-use and simplicity matters. However, there’s a definite brand following that people might not admit to. Take Apple for example. Truth be told,

AppSpotr ready to launch – DIY apps for iOS and Android

OK, remember how we pointed at a few websites to help you make an app for free? Here’s another one. See, I’m simple at heart. Everyone says it.. “Hey Leigh, you’re a bit simple”, they say. So here’s AppSpotr, a service that’ll launch in just a matter

iPhone could be moving to yearly autumn release schedule

With last autumn’s announcement of the iPhone 4S, Apple moved away from their traditional early summer launch, which had been in place since the original iPhone was released in 2007. Since then, there has been much speculation that the iPhone 5 will be announced this summer, returning

Control your browser, from your phone

Have you heard of Clik? Tried it? We have, and it’s pretty amazing. Currently it’ll let you play and control YouTube videos on you PC or any device with a browser from an iPhone or Android phone. Plug your laptop into your TV, fire up the app,

Sky Go available from today

A short while back Sky announced Sky Go – the mobile TV application – was soon to be available for Android. Since then we’ve had TV adverts promoting the service and today, at some point after 8AM, you should be able to download it from the Android

iOS 5.1 Brings Easier Camera Access to Lock Screen

With iOS 5.1 due for release on March 9th, BGR have got themselves a hands-on with the GM. Screenshots show an updated lock screen with a fixed camera button next to the unlock slider, removing the need to slide and tap. With iOS 5 already having dramatically