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My iOS Experiment – Part 3

What started out as a light hearted discussion during our weekly podcast has turned into something of a monster. I’ve changed, I’ve become something I’ve always strived to avoid. I’m becoming a bit of a fan of Apple. You may be wondering what on earth I’m on

Aluminium scratches you know, that’s normal!

The latest way to bash the iPhone 5 is about the Aluminium sides and back plate getting scratched. 9to5Mac have posted what is apparently an email to Phil Schiller (Senior Vice President of Marketing) at Apple asking him what to do about scratches on new iPhones. His

Coolsmartphone Handset & Accessories Supplier Profile: MobileFun

Here at Coolsmartphone each of the writers goes through an inordinate amount of handsets and accessories that go with them. We each have our own favourite suppliers that we find to be reliable and prompt. We therefore thought that we would bring a profile of the ones

Mobile Wars – Is the customer losing out?

It really doesn’t seem like a day goes by when we’re not hearing about yet another lawsuit. You know how it goes by now. It’ll involve Apple and either Motorola or Samsung. The Apple Maps criticisms are just the thin end of the wedge. I won’t blame

Apple are updating iOS 6 Map errors pretty quickly

You may have heard this week that the Maps app in iOS 6 is not as good as it was in iOS 5. We discussed it on this weeks podcast. Whilst I agree that the app is poor against the defacto market leader Google, there is something

Review – Apple iPhone 5

So the iPhone 5 has finally arrived. Is it just an incremental upgrade?  Is the larger screen and performance worth the extra cash? Is the maps application really that bad? Having had time to experience what it’s like to actually own this phone, I’ll share some thoughts

iPhone 5 on Three supports HD Voice

When Apple announced the iPhone 5 just a few weeks go,  a feature which was picked up on but not discusssed in a lot of detail was HD Voice mainly as only a handful of networks worldwide support this new service. Well the great news is any

Cut your own nano-SIM

Now the long awaited iPhone 5 has arrived not everyone will be able to use it. Apple uses a new SIM card – the nano-SIM. Although all the major carriers here in the UK are supplying the nano-SIM to their customers, there is a select number of

Give me metal!

So we now know what they iPhone 5 looks like, and its a very pretty thing, with its precision machined aluminium back and sides. Indeed a masterpiece of engineering for iOS fans. We’ve also a plethora of Windows Phone 8 devices launched by Nokia, Samsung and HTC

UK Satellite images in iOS 6 – One word. Rubbish.

I, like a lot of you lovely intelligent people, live in the UK. Unfortunately, after watching TV ads showing cool new phone features, we can find that things don’t work quite so well here in Blighty. Mapping on the iPhone and iPad has changed in iOS 6.

Opinion: Have Samsung’s Apple comparison ads gone too far?

If you’re a regular CoolSmartPhone reader, you’ve probably read Jamie Ryan’s post last week about their new ad campaign that bears the tagline “It doesn’t take a genius”. The ad was designed to take momentum away from the iPhone 5 launch and divert attention to the Samsung Galaxy S3,

iOS 6 is now available.

The moment you’ve probably been waiting for since WWDC in June has arrived, iOS 6 is now available for download. You can either update on your device through the settings app or you can connect to iTunes. As always, we would recommend backing your data first just

iPhone 5 – The queues have already started

Sure, you could just pre-order an iPhone. Just a couple of clicks, then you’re free to sit in front of your favourite TV show or perhaps pop to the pub. However, down in Regent Street, there’s people waiting for the new iPhone 5. It’ll be available to

Tesco Mobile To Carry iPhone 5

Word has reached us here at Coolsmartphone that Tesco Mobile are to carry the iPhone 5. Whilst there is no word yet of pricing or tariffs the Tesco Mobile website is now showing a “Register your interest” page whereby you can, well, register your interest! As soon

Apple announces iPhone 5 pre-orders reach 2 Million in 24 hours.

Apple has announced that the iPhone 5 topped 2 Million pre-orders in its first 24 hours, breaking the record previously held by the iPhone 4S which was 1 million. Almost everything about the event on Wednesday was leaked ahead of time but that doesn’t seem to have

iPhone 5 shows up in Geekbench

The iPhone 5 has appeared on popular benchmarking tool Geekbench. As well as already known specs, the results seem to indicate that the latest phone from Apple is a 1GHZ Dual Core ARMv7 processor with 1GB of RAM. Apple doesn’t confirm specifications like this for iOS devices

O2 announce iPhone 5 pricing too!

Earlier we bought you news that Orange and T-Mobile had announced their pricing for the iPhone 5. Well now O2 are getting in on the act and have posted up some prices of their own, things aren’t looking too cheap over on the blue side of the

Pre-order the iPhone direct

So, if you don’t fancy shackling yourself into a contract and you’ve got pots of money just hanging around your house, why not pre-order one without a contract? Both the black and white version (16GB) come in at £529 but they will limit sales to two per