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iOS 5.1 Brings Easier Camera Access to Lock Screen

With iOS 5.1 due for release on March 9th, BGR have got themselves a hands-on with the GM. Screenshots show an updated lock screen with a fixed camera button next to the unlock slider, removing the need to slide and tap. With iOS 5 already having dramatically

iOS 5.1 – Is This GM Build?

A screen shot has appeared of what looks to be iOS 5.1. The guys at blogdoiphone say they have a pre-GM build. This could well be true, sometimes builds get released to the networks that miss developers. The image shows the lock screen with a new slide

Google+ Gets Instant Uploads

Google+ for the iPhone got an update yesterday. Instant uploads is one of three new features added in the update. Take a photo or shoot a video and the app automatically uploads it to a Private album. Useful as a backup, working alongside iCloud’s Photo Stream you’ll

Taking on the iPhone 4S battery issues

My saga of trying to extend the battery life of the iPhone 4S to a usable point continues. I called Apple Support, who confirmed that the iOS 5.0.1 release didn’t have any impact on a proportion of users iPhones, and that Apple continues to work on the

Build your own iPhone or Android app in minutes, for free

Want to try your hand at build an iPhone or Android app? Sure, you can start learnng code, but let’s admit it, that’s a little time consuming and sometimes difficult. There’s a few sites out there which will let you create an app online – Andromo and

Win your dream date with CoPilot

A few days ago I wrote a little feature about the CoPilot navigation app, well they have got back in contact with me to let us know about a competition they are running. In the run up to Valentines day they are giving you the chance to

Speaktoit Assistant, a Siri solution for non 4S iPhones?

Back in October, the Company Speaktoit released a voice assistant for Android simply called Speaktoit Assistant. This week it has arrived on the iPhone App Store and it has some nice features. It can search the internet, Google images and Google Maps. Just tell her what you

App Review – Tweens HD

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate, Kokakiki have released a special edition of their pig-matching game Tweens. Adding 20 new levels to the 75 that were in the original game, the Valentine’s version adds a new twist to what is already an addictive

iPhone security hole lets you view contacts on a locked phone

It’s not been the best of weeks for iPhone security. First we had news that social network Path has been slurping the data from users’ address books without their permission and uploading it to their servers. Now security blog Peekay reports on an experiment in which they set

Death Rally for iPhone / iOS – reviewed

In the early 90s, when my entire gaming life revolved around a succession of PCs that seemed old almost as soon as we  bought them, I discovered ‘Death Track‘ – a fun little racing game in which you drove round a track shooting the cr*p out of

iPhone 4S battery issues – the saga continues

The ‘battery life’ issue which many users have experienced – in which you moved from a 3GS or iPhone4 that could cope with a single daily charge, to an iPhone 4S that needs a minimum of two charges to make it through a full day of heavy

iPhones and iPads removed from sale in Germany

Motorola look to have forced Apple to remove devices from the Apple online store in Germany following an injunction. A second ruling in Germany could also see push-email services getting suspended after Apple lost another court battle with Motorola. Both decisions surround patents and Apple look set

Watch TV on your phone anywhere, without the data bill

Hauppauge have announced a new Mobile TV Streaming solution which you get to carry around to beam live TV to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s just a matter of extending the antenna and then you connect your device to the “myTV 2GO” WiFi network. The

Fancy yourself an iPhone 3GS for £15.42 a month?

It’s Sunday morning, so put down those newspapers for a moment while we dangle a rather tantalizing deal in front of you. If you, like me, know people who would like to get an iPhone but have been put off by the price, listen up. Right now

Want An iPhone 5?

It’s coming to that time again. Following the mammoth financial figures announced by Apple, the rumours of the next iPhone device begin. The guys over at 9to5mac, who’s source foretold what was to happen with the launch of the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5 last

Samsung continues with anti-Apple adverts

Samsung have continued to pump out their Galaxy SII adverts in the USA and they seem to be following a very similar vein. Earlier we saw how Samsung poked fun at Apple customers queuing and camping outside stores for the “Next big thing” and now Samsung are

Defence Zone HD for iPad

  So here is yet another Tower defence game, why do I need to get another one of those when there are literally hundreds of the available. This is a very good question and one that I hope to answer in the process of this review. I

Predicting the future of mobile

Last week some rather interesting figures dropped into our mailbox from iSuppli. The research firm states that, by 2015, Windows Phone will overtake Apple’s iOS. With Android still marching ahead, forecasts state that Microsoft will gain 16.7% market share, with Apple coming in at 16.6%. Now, I’ll

Apple co-founder talks Android

So earlier this week Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had some things to say about Android. Strangely, his comments were mostly complimentary. Who knew? He seems to only recommend an iPhone to existing owners and those who have other Apple products. ..and people who are just scared of