AppSpotr ready to launch – DIY apps for iOS and Android

OK, remember how we pointed at a few websites to help you make an app for free? Here’s another one.

See, I’m simple at heart. Everyone says it.. “Hey Leigh, you’re a bit simple”, they say. So here’s AppSpotr, a service that’ll launch in just a matter of days at Mobile World Congress. They promised us a bottle of water and a burger if we mentioned them now, so we’re going to hold them to it. Anyways, here’s a preview. It’ll let you test and preview your app before squirting it across to the AppStore and Android Market. A live screen will show your native app in realtime so you can see exactly how it’ll look before sending it out to the world.

So, AppSpotr, coming February 27th. Burger. Water. Sorted.

Link – AppSpotr