Speaktoit Assistant, a Siri solution for non 4S iPhones?

Back in October, the Company Speaktoit released a voice assistant for Android simply called Speaktoit Assistant. This week it has arrived on the iPhone App Store and it has some nice features.

It can search the internet, Google images and Google Maps. Just tell her what you want to do and off she goes. It can give worldwide weather reports and even crack the odd joke.


Results are fast, but speech recognition can be unresponsive unless held right up to the mouth. It can sometimes seem like it hasn’t heard you, but it’s just waiting due to all I can assume is background noise.



It can also post updates to your Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare, and it’s pretty accurate, but it doesn’t like the name of it’s own company Speaktoit. (See image below)


It’s constantly being updated and new features are apparently added regularly. Currently it’s at Version 0.2, so I would hope it improves quickly

At £1.49 in the App Store, it may be worth picking up, be advised it’s not quite Siri yet, but we’ll keep our eyes on it.

Link – App Store