Microsoft attempt to quell the “Smoked by” fail

So, following our earlier story, Microsoft are now trying to make amends with Sahas Katta. He won a “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge with his Android-powered Galaxy Nexus. Microsoft are trying to make amends by offering up a laptop and phone. Many on Twitter have already congratulated Microsoft, or at least Microsoft Evangelist Ben Rudolph for stepping in and keeping in touch with the community. Whether Sahas is going to accept it or not remains to be seen, but we do know that he’s responded already.

So, what now ? Well, here’s what we know..

1 – When Sahas rightly won, store staff changed their minds. There’s no real “judge” to this challenge that we can see.

2 – If you setup your Android phone correctly and tick all the boxes that Microsoft have set out, you can probably beat Windows Phone – just setup your phone right, put the right widget on the home screen, disable your lock screen. Boom.

3 – Microsoft are confident that Windows Phone can beat most other (un-tweaked) phones in these pre-defined challenges. They’d be stupid to run the challenge if they didn’t think that their OS would win.

4 – When a whole lot of bad press gets kicked up, there’s at least one person at Microsoft who is smart enough to keep in touch with the community. I doubt anyone at Google or Apple would do the same.