Apple lose court battle, is the tide about to change?

Come on, you’ve probably seen all the news about Apple and various other phone manufacturers being involved in lawsuits. Until now Apple has been fairly successful in winning every legal battle and have forced many manufacturers to change the design of their products, licence features or just remove phones from sale.

Yesterday Motorola actually had a German court rule that Apple was in the wrong. They failed to licence a technology inside iPhones and 3G iPads which is Motorolas’ intellectual property. The actual technology relates to a “countdown function during a mobile-originated transfer for a packet radio system”. Motorola must now decide whether they wish to try and block sales, but Apple have responded in typical bullish fashion…

We’re going to appeal the court’s ruling right away. Holiday shoppers in Germany should have no problem finding the iPad or iPhone they want.

… the “fun” continues…

Link – BBC News

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  • Tormandp

    You’re a moron apple is 1 company therefore it is apple HAS, not apple have…

    • Tormandp is a dick

      Jesus Christ what sort of moron actually points out the smallest error in grammar?
      Maybe someone who is so butt-hurt that Apple have been told off for doing something bad.

  • Rooster

    Well I have responded to the post………or is it I HAS responded! :)

    About time this happened – a monopoly in anything is not good.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. The cloners, copy cats, intellectual property thieves are going to win. The real innovators will get screwed for all the hard work they have done. The Asian companies that has always copied everyone from day one gets the seal of approval to keep doing what their doing. Copying, stealing and selling their wares way below values to undercut the real original products.