Build your own iPhone or Android app in minutes, for free

Want to try your hand at build an iPhone or Android app? Sure, you can start learnng code, but let’s admit it, that’s a little time consuming and sometimes difficult. There’s a few sites out there which will let you create an app online – Andromo and to name just a few. Today we’ve tried out iBuildApp.

If you’re looking for something quick and painless, try it out here. They’ve recently added 4 new templates for speedy app-creation and they’ve now had over 25,000 apps created using the system.

Additional templates now include a customizable mobile app for restaurants and bars with menus, reservations and the ability to add pictures of your food. A musicians template will let you add your music, videos and gig dates. Other templates also include E-Books, Galleries, Healthcare, Business apps and a widget-style app.

Everything is done online and there’s a simple interface to get you going.

Link – iBuildApp