Death Rally for iPhone / iOS – reviewed

In the early 90s, when my entire gaming life revolved around a succession of PCs that seemed old almost as soon as we  bought them, I discovered ‘Death Track‘ – a fun little racing game in which you drove round a track shooting the cr*p out of your ‘AI’ controlled rivals. It was simple fun, trivial to control, but delivered  enough interest through its upgrades system to keep you playing for a while.

Now, there’s a addictive iOS variant, Death Rally – apparently a port  another 90s game of the same name; a similar primitive gaming experience, but with modern, crisp graphics, a more evolved upgrades system, massive multiplayer gaming modes and lots more cars and tracks.

Death Rally for iPhone / iOS   reviewed

It is bags of fun. At 69p, it won’t break the bank (I bought it during a flash sale for the princely sum of zero pounds), and the in-game upgrades so far haven’t tempted me to pay for extras, although weak-willed gamers beware; this is yet another one of those games that lets you pay to succeed. There’s quite a bit of variety in the tracks, made all the more entertaining through reverse-track races, a series of obstacles and upgrades left on the track, and a good upgrades system for your vehicles, weapons and armour. There are a few special modes, including a demolition derby mode where you can take on none other than Duke Nuke’m. The best Duke gaming experience since the Duke Nukem 3D.

Death Rally for iPhone / iOS   reviewed

And of course, for the multiplayer inclined, there are apparently four million players out there for you to drive around in circles and kill.

Heartily recommended for any top-down, death-toting, driving car or arcade game fans amongst you. It’s a good quick gaming fix.