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EE roll out 4G in 250th town

EE have announced their 250th town in the UK now has 4G coverage with the Cornwall area now being included in the 4G rollout which has now hit 0ver 73% population coverage. EE is still plugging away switching as many sites as on as possible to allow

Vodafone Smart 4 Power and Smart 4 Turbo announced

EE have already released their own 4G handset and now it seems as Vodafone want to join the party too. They’ve just launched the Smart 4 Turbo and, coming soon, they’ll have the Smart 4 Power. These are aimed at lower end of the market and will bring 4G

Moto G 4G – £149 at Amazon

Just the other day we saw the Moto G 4G at Tesco for £139. It looks to be out of stock now. So, if you can’t find one in your local store or don’t want to go to the bother of unlocking it, head over to Amazon

Moto G 4G going cheap..ey?

If you want a cheap Android phone you’ll probably have the Moto G on your shortlist. The 4G version is now available but it’s a tad more expensive than the 3G model. It’s not by much, but if you’re on a budget, a few quid can mean

Vodafone Red 4G customers, come get your Netflix

If you are using Vodafone UK and have opted for a Red 4G package costing v mir than £26 per month, you can now opt for six months of Netflix pre-paid. TV box sets including original series such as House of Cards and Arrested Development are available,

EE expand 4G coverage to 73%

EE have just announced an additional 14 locations have been switched on for their 4G service. This brings the total to 229 large towns or cities, meaning a 73% population coverage. EE are on a big push for their 4G rollout, meaning many more can experience the

Lumia 635 Available in the UK from 3rd July.

Microsoft Devices have today announced that the Lumia 635 will be available in the UK for purchase from the 3rd July for a price of £119.99. It will be available on Vodafone, EE, 3, Phones4U, O2, Carphone Warehouse, Tesco and Amazon.   The 635 is designed to be

Get the Moto G 4G right now

You’ve hopefully read our Moto G review and, if you’re gunning for the new 4G version, you’ll probably want to know that it’ll be coming rather soon indeed. However, what you might not know is that you can actually get one today as Phones 4u seem to

ZTE launch the 4G-capable Blade Vec

Available from July 2014 in several countries including Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, this is the Blade Vec 4G. It’ll be rolling out to more countries shortly after and has a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU with a 5″ HD 1280×720 screen, 13 megapixel rear camera with auto-focus and

Connect to EE 4G Moo-Fi at Glastonbury

If you’re going to Glastonbury and want to keep hooked up to the web then EE (and previously Orange) can usually be counted on for a solution. This year, even if you’re not an EE customer, you can hook onto the internet via the EE “Highspeed herd”.

EE trial phone calls over WiFi and 4G

We’ve seen calls being made over WiFi before and indeed Orange (as they were then) are perhaps the most memorable for their Signal Boost technology. It worked well, but if you received a call whilst on WiFi and moved out of range, the call would just drop

Three 4G MiFi unboxing

Recently we brought you the news Three UK have launched a new 4G dongle and a 4G Mifi device. These will allow customers access to mobile internet at speeds up to 50Mbps download and upload around 20Mbps on the new 4G network. We now have one if

Vodafone to offer up Netflix to 4G customers

The streaming TV and movie service,  Netflix is to be offered up by Vodafone on their Red 4G plans priced over £26. The deal, which adds to their existing Spotify and Sky Sports offers, dishes up a six-month pre-pad subscription to Netflix. The 4G network from Vodafone

EE launch own-brand tablet

EE have also today announced a new tablet today. It is “The UK’s most affordable 4G tablet” which is this, the Eagle. It’s a rebranded 8″ Huawei tablet and comes with a quad-core CPU, 5 megapixel shooter, 16GB of storage (plus you get a microSD for more

Let the birds fly – EE introduce a range of mobile WiFi solutions

Getting 4G is one thing, but turning that ultra-fast 4G speed into a WiFi hotspot is another. Today EE have revealed a number of options for getting yourself a mobile WiFi cloud to hop onto. The first is something called “Buzzard”. It’s a little widget that basically

O2 continuing to dangle the free 4G carrot

In March we told you how O2 were rolling out 4G for free to selected customers. Now it looks like they’re taking it one stage further, with texts rolling out to further customers to offer free 4G upgrades. The odd phone call to O2 also seems to

Vodafone fixed price promise announced

Nasty price rises. Nobody wants that. Nasty unexpected price rises? They’re even worse. Recently we’ve seen the uproar caused when mobile operators crank up prices mid-way through contracts, and – like utility providers – fixed-price offers could help to reassure potential and existing customers alike. Vodafone have

Voda Spotify problems? Let us know

Sheesh. Networks really get some abuse at times. The EE Facebook page seems to be overflowing with negative feedback, and every time EE post something there seems to be a barrage of complaints and barbed comments. Honestly, check out their Facebook page. To be honest they’d be

Huawei Ascend P7, all the info

So there we have it – the Huawei P7. It has now been announced to the world’s press. It’s a beautiful looking device which has a glorious feel to it thanks to it an all metal construction, very similar to its predecessor the P6. The dimensions come

Lycamobile – MVNO now offering very cheap 4G in the UK

If you’ve ever taken more than two journeys on the London Underground then you will have seen the above mascot. If you’ve visited a shop specialising in imported products, specialist foodstuffs and other overseas paraphernalia you will most likely have been exposed to their striking blue branding.

EE hits 200th town 4G milestone

UK network EE have this morning announced they have now reached their 200th town for 4G. This brings them up to 72% 4G coverage across the UK. EE tell us that they have a strict guideline when it comes to announcing who is now “4G enabled. The announcements only

Samsung Galaxy S5 goes Mini (SM-G800) , Specs leaked

We had the S3 Mini, the S4 Mini and now we will have the S5 Mini.  As confirmed by SamMobile not long back, but now we have a few more details in the regards to specification for the phone.  Many were slightly disappointed with the S4 Mini with

EE 4G continues to roll. 187 towns now covered

Well I have to mention this don’t I? Especially when a local town gets 4G too. Yes, the mighty Tamworth is now getting some EE superfast mobile data via LTE. Tamworth is part of 12 towns getting the EE 4G tech today, so you’ll be able to

Three launch 4G dongle

Three have today announced a 4G dongle for their UK network which is their first to support the LTE technology. £19.99 a month will get you a generous 15GB allowance with an up front cost of £34.99. Nor only that but PAYG is covered too, with pricing

EE deliver their own affordable 4G smartphone

In Barcelona we saw a couple of devices that Orange were making available to their various territories. However, here in the UK the Orange (and T-Mobile) brands are becoming ever more diluted into the big new EE network. So, I asked, will Orange or EE be announcing

EE announce new 4G plans

Morning. ;) It’s a minute into Wednesday and EE have just announced a refresh to their 4G monthly plans. A new set of entry-level 4G plans mean that you can get a 10GB package for just £13.99 per month. That pricing, we must point out, is for all

HTC One M8 now at Three UK

UK network Three have emailed us the news the HTC One M8 is now available from them online and will be in stores tomorrow. The HTC One M8 has just been announced here in London and at New York in a twin event. Available from £38 a