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Samsung Galaxy S5 goes Mini (SM-G800) , Specs leaked

We had the S3 Mini, the S4 Mini and now we will have the S5 Mini.  As confirmed by SamMobile not long back, but now we have a few more details in the regards to specification for the phone.  Many were slightly disappointed with the S4 Mini with

EE 4G continues to roll. 187 towns now covered

Well I have to mention this don’t I? Especially when a local town gets 4G too. Yes, the mighty Tamworth is now getting some EE superfast mobile data via LTE. Tamworth is part of 12 towns getting the EE 4G tech today, so you’ll be able to

Three launch 4G dongle

Three have today announced a 4G dongle for their UK network which is their first to support the LTE technology. £19.99 a month will get you a generous 15GB allowance with an up front cost of £34.99. Nor only that but PAYG is covered too, with pricing

EE deliver their own affordable 4G smartphone

In Barcelona we saw a couple of devices that Orange were making available to their various territories. However, here in the UK the Orange (and T-Mobile) brands are becoming ever more diluted into the big new EE network. So, I asked, will Orange or EE be announcing

EE announce new 4G plans

Morning. ;) It’s a minute into Wednesday and EE have just announced a refresh to their 4G monthly plans. A new set of entry-level 4G plans mean that you can get a 10GB package for just £13.99 per month. That pricing, we must point out, is for all

HTC One M8 now at Three UK

UK network Three have emailed us the news the HTC One M8 is now available from them online and will be in stores tomorrow. The HTC One M8 has just been announced here in London and at New York in a twin event. Available from £38 a

EE offer fantastic HTC One (M8) deal

HTC have just announced the new HTC One just a few minutes ago. Yes, the NEW HTC One, which has often gone by the name “M8″. The official name is the HTC One (M8). Now we’re getting details from the UK’s largest 4G network – EE. They’ve

EE customers to receive 4G roaming in France and Spain

If you’ve used roaming data (watch those charges) then you’ll probably be aware that you can get 100MB of data for £3 per day on EE when abroad. Other options include 200MB to use over 30 days, which is £35. Now however, in France and Spain, EE

EE voted best network by Rootmetrics

So, the results are in and Rootmetrics have announced that EE is the best network here in the UK based on mobile internet, calls and texts tests taken all across the country. In total over 840,000 results were put together and it is not just based on

O2 deliver free 4G access to some customers

I’ve a couple of questions for you. Firstly, are you on O2? Do you have a package providing 1GB or more of data per month ? If so, you’re in luck, because O2 seem to be delivering access to their 4G network for free if you tick

Giffgaff. 4G. It’s happening

More speed. You want it, don’t you? 4G, yeah. That’s it. You want that in your life, but you don’t want to pay a whole lot of cash for it. Step forward giffgaff, who are about to deliver your 4G fun on a contract-free plan. Their 4G

Vodafone launch supersized Red XXL 4G plan

For most people a 1GB data package will suit their needs. Sure, it’s not ideal and I’d much prefer if we could all have unlimited packages, but sadly it’s not the case. So if you’re looking for more data, what options do you have? Vodafone have today

EE rolling out 300Mbps LTE-A service

A few months ago we brought the story that EE were trailing their new worlds fastest LTE service at 300Mbps in the ‘Tech City’ area of London using the LTE-Advanced technology. This service is only possible by pairing two lots of spectrum together to get super ultra

Three update 4G rollout list, it’s HUGE

So, we brought you the news today Three have 1.7 million 4G customers. However, we have even better news… The MASSIVE list of cities or towns now due to get 4G this year has appeared online on the official Three site. It seems that the Three deployment

All Three customers are now on a 4G plan

The boys at Three have sent us some details on how their roll-out is going. Their deployment started in December last year but they’ve informed us that all of their customers are now on a 4G tariff. Three reckon that around 1.7 million customers are already using

LG announce the LTE equipped F70

LG have a few ranges of devices, the premium G range and the cheaper more budget orientated L range and now they’ve announced a new device the strangely named F70. It comes with all of the software features of the G2 Spec wise it is pretty basic

EE confirm Samsung Galaxy S5

EE just emailed us with a press release confirming they will be stocking the new Galaxy S5 on their UK LTE network and offering Cat4 means it takes advantage of their 150Mbps network The S5 features some amazing specs from the 16 megapixel camera to the large

Three 4G arrives up ‘Anley duck

Stoke-on-Trent. Famous for oatcakes, the potteries and something called “the D road”. Now there’s something else.. 4G! Three are continuing their roll-out and there’s now coverage in parts of Hanley and beyond. Adey Watkins has emailed in to tell us.. I tried a speedtest to the Sheffield

Z1 Compact lands on EE

Until now only O2 had the new Z1 Compact in the UK, that was unless you went via a third party or purchased it SIM-free at full price – over £400. Now EE have just added the Z1 Compact to their large range of 4G devices and

Three’s new advert promotes sharing silly stuff

If you are in the UK you should have seen the now famous pony in the Three advert called “Socks”. This has been visited over 8 million times on YouTube. Then came Mabel, their PAYG Pug dog celebrating the launch of 3-2-1 plan on PAYG over Christmas