Three customers now pulling an average of 10GB per month

Admit it, looking at a mobile phone package which delivers 2GB per month is going to give you cold sweats. You know, part-way through the month, that you’re going to be worry about visiting sites or checking anything on the internet because your data is bound to run out.

Now, and in part thanks to upgrading their 4G network, Three UK customers are the first to smash through the 10GB monthly data usage barrier. Performance improvements of up to 150% are claimed, with data usage in July at 10.4GB per month versus the UK average of 2.9GB.

The Three UK upgrade programme will run until 2023 in tandem with their 5G rollout, which began last month. The network are concentrating on their new spectrum and are upgrading antennas. Some 6,000 sites which carry 80% of the traffic will be getting a boost, and even customers without the 1400Mhz (L-band) magic on their phones will still see speed improvements of up to 50%.

The network is also recycling their 3G spectrum with 12,500 sites seeing 40% speed improvements as 3G spectrum is re-farmed to 4G.