Disney and Vodafone to create a new kids smartwatch

Choosing a smartwatch for your child can be a tricky thing. Sure, you can get them a fitness tracker but, for full peace of mind, you might want them to wear something more.

Vodafone and Disney are currently working on something which could appeal to a lot of kids – a premium kids smartwatch with excellent mobile connectivity and Disney characters – all in time for Christmas..

NOT the Vodafone / Disney smartwatch

We don’t have a great deal of detail other than that, so we’ve stolen some pictures of a random Disney watch from Amazon. The press release tells me that the new Disney / Voda smartwatches will have “interactive content and features”, but not much else.

Also NOT the Vodafone / Disney smartwatch

Lutfu Kitapci, Managing Director at Vodafone Consumer IoT, told us..

At Vodafone we are building a full range of products that will improve everyday living through the magic of smart technology. Our commitment to connect our customers to the most important things in their lives runs through everything we do and what could be more important than staying in touch with our children.

Disney tell us that it’ll be the “smartest watch yet” and will be “innovative and fun”.

Further details as we get them.