A PROPER real-world 5G test

Whenever I look for 5G speed test, there’s usually YouTube videos showing blistering speeds. That’s expected, right?

Well, yes. But I wanted to do some proper tests. How to do that? Well, first of all I’m not going to sit right next to a 5G mast. I’m also not going to try and get some crazy high-end speeds.

I know. It sounds a bit bonkers but I’m going to do a test which will, to some extent, reflect the experience you guys will get if you’re not slap-bang right next to a 5G mast. I also made things a whole load worse by doing this test near Wembley stadium as a game was finishing up. This is on Vodafone 5G by the way.

So, that’s a saturated network and a spotty signal. Surely that’s going to be terrible, right? Well, I did quite a few tests in the video below – the same test at the same time on 4G and 5G….

To begin with then, I had a very quick 71 Mbps on 4G and 130 Mbps on the 5G phone. The second test gave me 62 Mbps and 100 Mbps respectively, then on the third test I got 76 Mbps and 110 Mbps. That was all with the fast.com speed test, so I switched to the SpeedTest.net tester and got 83.3 Mbps and 188 Mbps. The second run was 67.7 Mbps and 109 Mbps, but as you can see I then somehow managed to get a higher speed on the 4G connection than the 5G one.

What got me was the upload speed, which in my test was roughly the same on both 4G and 5G.

Don’t forget, this was performed with 2 bars of signal on my 4G phone and 2 bars on the 5G phone.

What I can tell you though is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is amazing. It’s the first time that I’ve used the Galaxy S10 and that camera arrangement works brilliantly. The clarity, even when almost at full zoom, is crazy. Vodafone loaned me the device to test on their 5G network and you can get the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G right here.