Asda Mobile follow Virgin Mobile in switching to Vodafone

Last year Virgin Mobile announced a switch from EE to Vodafone masts. The virtual network will be moving customers over later next year, and they’re not the only virtual network to do it.

Asda Mobile has announced that they will also be moving away from EE masts, and they will now be switching to Vodafone infrastructure too. This, for those with quite a long memory, used to be their home many years ago.

Existing customers will move across in early 2021 after Asda Mobile entered an exclusive five-year deal with Vodafone. Their customers will benefit from 4G and 5G coverage, unlimited mobile data plans, Wi-Fi calling, and other great benefits such as family discounts. In addition, customers will receive new account and analytics tools.

Vishal Dixit, Strategy & Wholesale Director at Vodafone UK, told us..

We are delighted that Asda have chosen Vodafone as its partner. Asda will be giving its mobile customers access to a larger choice of services, the UK’s best mobile data network, as well as easier ways to manage their accounts. We also give our partners access to our leading technologies and tools to ensure their customers get a fantastic mobile experience.