Vodafone UK launches the 5G GigaCube

Imagine if you found a home broadband provider who could offer you super-fast internet speeds for £30. Sounds good? For that you get 100GB of data to use and there’s no line rental or TV and calls package. No engineer, no waiting.

This, then, is what Vodafone have announced today with the launch of their new 5G Gigacube. If you can get 5G, it’ll fly along. If not, it’ll still be jolly fast on 4G connections. It basically sits in the your home or office, pulling in the Vodafone data signal, and beams out WiFi for you to connect to.

Here’s a look at the pricing. The upfront cost drops if you sign up to an 18 month contract…

100GB 200GB Unlimited
18 month contract £30 (£100 upfront cost) £40 (£50 upfront cost) £50 (£50 upfront cost)
30 day contract £30 (£325 upfront cost) £50 £325 upfront cost) £50 £325 upfront cost)

Vodafone have not attached a premium to pricing for 5G, so whether you’ve got 4G or 5G – the price is the same.

The GigaCube delivers speeds of up to 1Gbps and there’s up to a 90 metre WiFi range. You can connect 64 devices. Plus, if you’re worried about those data limits, you can pay £50 per month and never have to worry about it. Plus, if you have to go on a business trip or you move house, just take the GigaCube with you and you get the internet wherever you go.

Head to the Vodafone GigaCube website for more info.