Three 5G testing under way. Cloud network in place.

Wait though, because it’s not all about 5G. Three are also boosting their 4G, with 3G spectrum now being refarmed for 4G. They’re upgrading the 4G antenna masts on thousands of sites, with Croydon recently seeing new antennas and a reallocation of 10MHz of 3G spectrum (leaving 5Mhz for 3G) to 4G.

Three will be deploying 5G live this year and you’ll see it in 25 cities by the end of 2019. The network has grabbed a sizeable 5G spectrum portfolio, with 100MHz of contiguous 3.4-3.8GHz. In addition, they’re pushing out a virtualized Nokia cloud core network.

Trials are happening now in Camden and Wandsworth, with 5G being tested by all Three staff (3,500+).

Three also tell us that their data network is being used more than ever…

We reached a new peak for the amount of mobile data traffic carrying over our network during the all-English Champions League final on June 1st. At the busiest time, a whopping 501Gbps was travelling over our network, up 25% from last year’s final and up around 20% on our network’s average daily traffic.

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