New connected laptops coming to EE

It’s certainly been a while since a network got in touch to tell us about a new laptop they’re ranging. EE are taking the Windows-powered Lenovo Yoga C640 4G laptop. It’s the first in a range of connected laptops available on EE and, if you choose one of their Smart Plans, you get Reserve Data, Swappable Benefits, 12-months of Office 365, 24 months of Lenovo Premium Care and a month of MacAfee Secure anti-virus software.

If you buy the Lenovo Yoga C640 4G laptop before August 27th on a Smart Plan, you’ll get it for the same price as an Essential Plan – £54 per month with 20GB of data.

Those swappable EE benefits include BritBox, Amazon Prime Video, Video Data Pass and BT Sport Ultimate.

Available here, the laptop has 256GB SSD storage and runs Windows 10.