Three 5G now available in 154 locations


There’s now over 800 Three sites beaming out 5G to 154 different locations in the UK, and Three have a distinct advantage with this new technology – a 100MHz block of contiguous 5G spectrum.

The result, so far, appears to be the fastest median speeds on the market – in excess of 200Mbps in tests on Manchester, Glasgow and Reading are currently live on Three 5G.

The network has partnered with Ericsson on the 5G and they’re also making improvements to the existing 4G network too.

Susan Buttsworth, Chief Operating Officer at Three UK said:

We’re pleased to have our first Ericsson sites live on our network. Ericsson are a key partner in the transformation of our network. Our customers use 3.5 times more data than the industry average so the investments that we are making are vital to enhancing current performance of our 4G network, futureproofing it and delivering on our promise of providing better connectivity, every day for every customer.

The partnership with Ericsson to rollout our 5G network is part of a £2 billion investment into the transformation of Three UKs Network and IT infrastructure. This has already seen the development of 20 new data centres, plus better fibre backhaul capabilities and VoLTE across the entire 4G network.