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Snap Spectacles coming soon – Record your life and share it.

Remember the Hyundai sunglasses we reviewed? They had a tiny hidden camera in the front and were designed to record your biking adventures. You could also perhaps wear them around town and record “things” if you wanted. It all seems fine until someone on the bus says,

Build your own rooms with a VR Room Simulator

The HTC Vive is a very cool product as you all know but it was limited to a few games not that long ago. Now, there are lots more on the market which are not just games, but sensory and sometimes productive in terms of being creative.

iFit Classic Review

iFit introduced a huge array of new gadgets at the Gadget Show Live event last March for keeping tabs on your world of fitness and sleep. We reported directly from the event here and specifically about this watch we have to review the iFit Classic. Here is a video

MWC – LeEco Le Alpe d’Heuz bike

LeEco also had some other toys to show us at MWC in the form of what they call a “rideable”. This is a connected bike that is designed primarily as a Hybrid Bike for city use. We did manage to have a brief look at this, and

Virtual Reality and the Fight against Depression

If you have listened to this week’s podcast, (if not, stop right now and listen here) you will be aware that we are currently trying to raise awareness of mental well-being issues after the experiences of our man Dan. Virtual Reality  is a bit of a buzzword

Huawei Watch – Review

It’s the first time that I’ve properly tried Android Wear, and this is the watch I’m doing it with. The Huawei Watch. Truth be told, when I got it out of the rather lovely box, I thought it was a bit fat, but after wearing it for

OUKITEL A29 – Another smartwatch, but round this time

Remember the OUKITEL A28 smartwatch we mentioned the other day? It’s only £37 but yes, a few of you noticed that it could perhaps be a bit thinner and more stylish. Whilst we might not be able to do much about the thickness, there’s definitely a tad

Huawei Watch now available on UK Google Store

Just the other day we got the news from Huawei that their smartwatch was now available to purchase in a few locations in the UK such as Selfridges and Google Play direct. Those of you like me who have wanted to get one of these since they

A look at the Zing Smartwatch – A different approach

Smartwatches are starting to diversify. Each manufacturer is trying to carve out their niche in the market, and the Zing Smartwatch aims to provide a fashionable, modern, and fun approach to the wearable market. Let’s get Social The Zing is an activity tracker designed for the social

IFA – New Moto 360 collection announced.

Motorola have just announced that in a similar vein to the Moto Maker for their phones, the second generation of the company’s smartwatch, the Moto 360 can be  fully customised in the Moto Maker design studio. Now you can choose from additional bezels, colours, materials, even a new

Microsoft Band reduced again

Seriously, right, if there’s tangible evidence that a gadget is about to be updated, it is a price drop of the current model. The Microsoft Band has seen a number of price reductions recently. Now Amazon has dropped the price again, to £145. The Microsoft Band is

Coming to a finger soon – the smart ring

If talking into a smartwatch feels a little too much like Star Trek, then stop reading now.  The next fashion item to be smartified is the…wait for it, a ring. Really. Apparently, there are lots of us who complain about our sleep but a company called Oura have

IFA – Huawei Watch officially released

This one has been waiting in the wings for a while, since MWC in fact it has popped up every now and again since but we were always missing one vital clue. The price well that has been announced. It is going to be selling for €399.00

Sony announce the new SmartBand 2

It’s that time again. We’re building up to IFA in Berlin. Sony, like many other tech companies, are wanting to get on the “hype train”. They have been doing that very well with rumours of the Z5 range, however today I bring you news of an actual

Pebble Time – Review.

It has been a while since I mentioned the Pebble Time. To be honest this is intentional. I had an issue with the first one they gave me, which was resolved by a replacement (more on that later). Now that I have had some time to use it in

BBC News on your wrist.

The latest update to the BBC Worldwide News app version 3.2 sees the inclusion of Android Wear support, meaning short news snippets will be sent to your wrist. Articles are presented in a RSS style layout, with the ability to swipe horizontally and vertically: go up or

Pebble Time – Hands-on

I have one. That is all see you later! Only joking… :) I am now a proud owner of the brand new Pebble Time and I thought I would share some of my thoughts about it. I’ve now had it for a couple of days. Bear with

Google acknowledge battery drain in Wear 5.1

Last month Google began its rollout of the latest update to Android Wear – version 5.1. This update enabled features like Wi-Fi support, new gestures, hand drawn emojis and more. However, the update also came with a major unwanted feature – severe battery drain. It is present

Android wear 5.1 delayed for Moto 360

Back in May, Google started rolling out the Android Wear 5.1.1 update for Android Wear smartwatches. All the current Android Wear smartwatches have received their update including my first gen Samsung Gear Live. But the hugely popular Motorola Moto 360 is still stuck on an older version of

Huawei Watch priced up. You got £300 spare?

We had a play with some of the Huawei smartwatches at Mobile World Congress and they’re looked really rather good. What was of concern though, was the possible price of their new Huawei Watch. MobileFun appear to have slid it into their website for a cool £300