Your smartphone can now warm you up

What’s that you say? a new knitted wearable tech that heats up? That’ll keep you warm for up to 8 hours? That you can control with your smartphone? Well, sign me up for that baby.

This one has just been launched on Kickstarter and is called SKIINCore. It’s a self-heating and wire-free wearable base layer for cold weather. No, no wire – this is classed as “conductive yarn” – so.. a bit different. This conductive yarn holds 18 watts of heating power and, get this, “is programmed with machine-learning to adapt to your optimal body heat based on your movement and the outside temperature”.

It’ll automatically switch on and turn off if it senses the body is about to get too warm. It’ll also provide heat only to the areas on the body that are most sensitive to cold, like your hands, thighs and feet. It’ll basically warm you up but won’t make you sweaty in the wrong places.

There’s a USB-C outlet so that you can power your phone too. When you’re done, just chuck it in the washing machine as normal.

Best of all, the guy in the promotional shots looks like that Kryptonian supervillain in Superman II (from the ’80s). Even the super-clever warming clothing looks the same. Me thinks that the people behind this were Superman fans! BUSTED!!