TicWatch Pro 3 GPS launched

I have a soft spot for TicWatch and Mobvoi, they make some really nice gear and I was a particular fan of their TicWatch Pro that I reviewed here. I have also been using the TicWatch S2 for nearly a year and it has been used and abused without a hitch over all that time.

So, when I heard that there were was a new one on the way I was intrigued. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait very long as you can see from the title. The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS is now a reality and boy does it look good.

The biggest news is of course that this is one of the first batches of the new and improved Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform. This is a new platform that promises to quite literally get the – until now – sluggish UI of Wear OS up to speed. Don’t get me wrong, on the older platform it coped but you had to do some slight tweaking to really get the most from it. On Wear 4100 you shouldn’t have this problem anymore.

Along with the big headline features, the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS also has some other cool bit onboard, including TicOxgen to monitor oxygen levels in your bloodstream. TicZen will monitor your stress levels and tell you when you need to use Ticbreathe to bring them back under control. To ensure that these levels are not caused by noise, TicHearing will keep an ear open to the ambient environment and advise you as appropriate.

We have seen a lot of these features in the new Apple Watch 6 but things like TicHearing are features that have not been seen on Wear OS devices as of yet. This puts the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS in a unique position in the market one which I think it will capitalise upon. The reason for this is down to the dual personality aspect of the watch.

Yes, like its predecessor the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS can be used in two modes and will drive a different screen layer depending on what mode you are using. It has now been developed to Dual Mode 2 and still features the AMOLED screen and the Always-On FSTN screen. This was what intrigued me the most about it forerunner but in truth, I did find it was a bit buggy, so I have hopes that it will have gained some improvements by – in part – the increase in power from the Wear 4100 platform.

Another area of improvement is in the size of the watch, in particular, the thickness as this has now been reduced by 0.4mm. Now I know this doesn’t sound like much but from the picture below, it looks like it will make a difference.

In addition to the thinning, there has also been a weight loss as well with a reduction in weight of 28 grams. Again, very significant for something that is being worn day in and day out. What is really amazing is that they have still managed to pack in a GPS module that works with GPS, GLONASS, GNSS, BEIDOU, QZSS and GALILEO. Which in layman’s terms means you are covered for Position information pretty much anywhere in the world.

To top all this off as well you will get some stunning battery life coming from a 577mAh battery that gives projected battery lives of 72 hours in Smart mode and up to 45 days in Essential mode!

So I think it is fair to say that the new TicWatch Pro3 GPS makes for a pretty damn compelling Wear OS smartwatch and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on it. You can buy one know from either Amazon or Mobvoi now for £289.99

For the full specs then check out this table.

TicWatch Pro 3 Smartwatch Specs:

Watch size



≈ 42g

Color:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.00); vertical-align: bottom; padding: 2pt; overflow: hidden;”>

Shadow black


Stainless steel+Plastic

Watch strap material

Solid silicone with orange stitching

watch strap size



Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 4100 Platform



Battery Life

Smart Mode: up to 72 hours

Essential Mode: up to 45 days

Battery capacity


Battery size



v4.2 & BLE




Payments with Google Pay™


15x6x2.5mm, 0.5W rated power, 0.7max power, IP68


3.50×2.65×0.98mm, -26±1dBFS, 65dBSNR


Rotor motor



Provides Blood Oxygen Saturation

Provides Stress Detection

24h Continuous Heart Rate Monitor

Night Infrared Static Heart Rate Sensor with non-visable light

Low Latency Off-Body Detection Sensvisible











Water and dust resistance

IP68 and swimming suitable

Charging dock

Input5V1AUSB type A

Output5V1Apogo pin * 2