Android Wear 2.0 LG-made Google watches pop up

The all-new Android Wear 2.0 is set to launch on two new smartwatches. Those watches, it seems, will look like this. This low-resolution photo is said to show the LG-made watches, which have been created alongside Google.

One looks more “sporty” than the other but both come with circular displays and a rotating crown for navigating around the menus.

Android Wear 2.0 LG made Google watches pop up

This picture shows the LG Sport on the left and will apparently have a 1.38-inch 480×480 OLED display with 4G connectivity on-board and a rubber wrist band. It’ll also come with a heartrate sensor, GPS, 430mAh battery and 768MB of RAM.

On the right, the cute LG Style has a smaller 1.2-inch 360×360 screen, 512MB of RAM and 240mAh battery.

Both watches are said to be water resistant and have 4GB storage with a metal designed chassis. We’re expecting to see these on February 9th.

What’s your thoughts on the design?