MiniFinder Nano wearable GPS personal alarm

Well, this does seem a bit pricey at £210, but it does include a 3 month subscription and we’re going to take a look and review the device very soon.

This is a wearable GPS Personal Alarm which, once you’ve bought it and used up the 3 month initial subscription, costs just £4.99 each month to run. It offers worldwide coverage plus GPS, mobile triangulation, WiFi and Bluetooth location tracking.

When you’re out in the open this will be accurate to one meter but we have to of course mention battery life. This is up to 120 hours in Standby Mode and up to 24 hours live tracking.

It’s suitable for kids and the elderly with a geofence alarm, unlimited location history plus an SOS button. There’s also a call function, heart rate monitor and a fall sensor.

If you’re interested, you can get one of these minifinder Nano Wearable GPS Personal Alarm gadgets in white or black on Amazon.