Vodafone and Disney team up to launch the Neo kids smartwatch

Available early in 2021, you can register your interest in this one here. This is a new smart kids watch from Vodafone, and they’ve been working with Disney to create a connected watch with familiar characters and safety features.

Designed by Vodafone, the watch joins the expanding “Connected” range of Smart Tech, including trackers and smart home technology. The Neo watch has all the recognisable Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, including Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, the Child and the Armoured Avenger.

The Neo watch will let kids take their first steps into a independent future, whilst being able to play in a safe environment. It comes with a forward-facing camera for capturing adventures and an activity tracker too. Meanwhile, for parents, there’s the ability to call, chat and video message. Not only that, but parents get full control over the watch and the digital experience they received. Contacts can be approved, screen time can be controlled and the location can be viewed through an easy-to-use Vodafone Smart App, available for iPhone and Android.

Other features include calendar, weather, events and reminders. There’s no internet or social media, keeping kids safe from the more “open” parts of the internet.

Kids get to choose their own Disney “sidekick” character, which also comes with a full theme takeover to match each character. Additional Disney characters are also downloaded to the watch as they appear in Disney movies and shows for no additional cost, although there is a monthly subscription for most of the connectivity aspects of the watch.

John Love, VP, Interactive Experiences at Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, told us….

We are thrilled to reimagine the possibilities for kids smartwatch experiences through this exciting collaboration in a rapidly growing category. By bringing cutting edge interactive design and technology together with beloved characters from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, we have created a truly innovative experience for children.

There’s a £7 monthly subscription on this one and the watch will cost £99 to buy. Get more details on the Vodafone website.