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The Motorola Nexus 6 seems to be a thing

Rumours fly around about the next iteration of the big name devices. Be it an iPhone, a Nokia Lumia, a Sony Xperia and yes of course the Nexus devices. This year is no different, but they seem to have gone a little too far this time. Android

Key points about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to be an absolute beast of a phone. I for one am toying with the idea of getting one and seeing infographics like this from Samsung aren’t helping me. Source – Samsung

Podcast 111 – All things Sony

Welcome to the latest installment of the Coolsmartphone Podcast, joining me this week was Garry and our topics this week revolved around the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, Z3 Compact Tablet and the normal Z3, small phones, waterproof phones, innovation, modular phones, bendy iphones, dodgy software updates, a

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – Initial Impressions

Sony have carved themselves out a niche in the world of modern day smartphones. A niche for great looking, powerful, waterproof and damn good fun to own smartphones. The latest generation having only just been unveiled at IFA in Berlin a few weeks ago, when I saw

Podcast 111 – Listen in live

Welcome to the live, raw, unedited and often broken version of our podcast. Joining me this week is Garry. This weeks topics revolve around some shiny Sony phones, readers questions, the iPhone bending outrage and our usual chit chat about our mobile goings on. To listen live

Some strange HTC camera thing leaks out

Now and again I’m left confused by leaks and rumours. I get that companies have to push their innovation onwards in the hope that they discover the next lucrative niche. The latest being HTC, they’ve got an event happening on October the 8th and no one is

Podcast 111 – Ask us some questions

Another week another podcast and yes I’ve got a new phone to talk about tonight. As last week’s listeners questions article went so well we thought we’d throw it open to you guys again and ask you to ask us some questions. Be it about the shiny

Some interesting facts about iPhone manufacturing

Infographics are often just annoying, made up to show how amazing a product is, or to compare to another product. This one we’ve been sent was actually quite interesting. It shows a lot of information about the iPhone manufacturing process. Such as who makes the various elements

Apple sell 10 million phones in a weekend

The Apple iPhone is probably the most popular phone ever, it creates such urges within people once a new one is released, almost a compulsion to buy one. No other phone ever has created such irrational mass purchasing. One could say there was witchcraft involved, I’d go

OnePlus to try the pre-order route next

A lot has been said about OnePlus over the last few months. Some of it good and some of it bad. Most conversation revolved around people trying to get an invite. Amazingly I managed to get one and I subsequently sold it on. None the less I

The latest Pebble firmware update adds emoji support

Emoji are a part of life now, in the past I’d have just replied “this makes happy” but nowadays your obliged to reply “lol :)”. But if you have a Pebble and someone sends you a message containing an emoji previously you’d be lost, wondering what that

Podcast 110 – the week we tried something a little different

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone podcast, joining me this week were Ian and Nirave. This weeks topics revolved around Phones4U going into administration, Apple iPhone 6 pre-orders selling by the millions, me being unable to decide which small phone to get next, Nirave and his iPhone pre-order experience,

Podcast 110 – Listen in live

Welcome to the live, raw, unedited and often broken version of our podcast. Joining me this week are Ian and Nirave. This weeks topics revolve around Phones4U, readers questions, the iPhone pre-order stampede and our usual chit chat about our mobile goings on. To listen live it’s

Podcast 110 – Ask us some questions

Our weekly podcast is just about getting into its stride, we’ve been at it for over two years now and we’d like to involve you guys in it a bit more. So we are going to try something we did ages ago, we want some questions from

Android One starts with India

Android One is an idea, an idea that is starting to grow into something that could be huge. The idea of a low cost Android device, with hardware hand picked by Google and the latest software, could be seen as a way for Google and Android manufacturers

The Oppo N3 starts to make an appearance

The Oppo N1 was one of the most intriguing devices of recent times, with its rotating camera, enormous display and touch sensitive back panel, many people round the world got one, thanks somewhat to the Cyanogenmod support. So it makes sense that Oppo are going to release

Podcast 109 – the iPhone 6 is finally here

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast, joining me this week were John and Matteo. This weeks topics predictably revolved around the Apple iPhone event. The big one, the little one, the watch, paying for stuff with your phone, Johnny Ive and his ludicrous videos and our usual chit

Podcast 109 – Listen in live

Good evening and welcome to another episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast. This is the live unedited complete with awkward pauses and my ill thought out jokes. Joining me this week are John and Matteo. The topics as you’d expect are rather iPhone based this week. To listen

Hannspree move into the smartphone market

Hannspree have today announced their intention to enter the budget Android smartphone market. They already have a range of Android tablets and monitors under their belts so the move into smaller devices makes sense. Also considering that their sister company Hannstar make a range of displays as