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Microsoft announce the Lumia 530

The Lumia range is stretches right across a wide price range, with many budget entry level devices being available. The Lumia 520 was the most successful Windows Phone ever and Microsoft/Nokia will be hoping the latest addition to their portfolio will share a similar success. This new

Do you fancy trying to break your Oppo Find 7?

Unified storage is something we’ve come to take for granted these days, your shiny new phone or tablet has an internal memory dying for you to fill it with your junk. That memory is one nice big lump with no restrictions on what you can put where.

Podcast 102 – Can you wear that?

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast, episode 102. Everything is back to normal this week as we are all back from holiday and Leigh has finally got his broadband fixed. This week I was joined by Dan who was fresh from his American holiday and he came with

Podcast 102 – Live Stream

Welcome to the live edition of our weekly podcast, it’s all back to normal this week as we are all back from our holidays. The topics mainly revolve around what devices were taken on holiday. Tune in about half seven ish tonight to listen to the show

LG announce the G3 Beat

The LG G3 is a cracking device, it has a great design, it has quite a few innovative features and it is quite big. LG have decided to release a slightly smaller and slightly lower spec model, which confusingly has two names, the LG G3 Beat in

Motorola Moto G 4G – Review

The Motorola Moto G will go down in history as a genre redefining phone. It was designed to be as fluid and functional as a flagship device and yet cost a portion of one. I’ve owned mine since about last November and absolutely loved it, the review

Spigen pretty much announce the 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone 6

Case manufacturers often get their hands on dummy versions of new phones before they are released so that they can design and manufacture a case in time for the device to be released. Spigen are one of the most popular case manufacturers and so it makes sense

LG G3 – Review

LG have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and in my eyes 2013 was their year. They device after device that captured people’s hearts, souls and wallets. The Nexus 4, Nexus 5, G2 and of course the G Pad 8.3 which were all

Podcast 100 — the week we all joined in

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast. This week is our 100th episode and to celebrate we decided to get as many people on as possible and try and break the Internet. Joining me this week were Garry, Leigh, Mark, Nirave and Ravi. Topics this week revolved around our

Podcast 100 – Live Stream

Welcome to another live edition of our podcast. It’s our 100th so pardon us if we sound all excited. To listen in hit the play button below around about half seven tonight and you’ll be listening in live. We’ll be publishing the podcast as normal tomorrow morning.

LG G3 variants seem to be incoming

The LG G3 is the talk about town at the moment, people can finally start to buy it and make up their own minds whether it’s the phone of the year. I’ve currently got mine and the review will be coming very soon, but it seems like

Podcast 99 – the week everyone bought a watch

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast, joining me this week were Dan and Nirave. This weeks topics revolved around yesterday’s Google I/O announcements, Android Wear, Android L, Android Auto, Android Fit, the LG G Watch, the Samsung Gear Watch and all three of us having LG G3 review

Podcast 99 – live audio stream

Welcome to the live audio stream of Episode 99 of the Coolsmartphone Podcast. This live broadcast will start at approximately 7.30pm bst. This weeks topics are the whole Google I/O thing and the fact that we’ve all got an LG G3 to play with this week. The

You can now buy those fancy Android Wear watches

Last night a lot happened in the Google camp, possibly the most exciting being the announcement that two new Android Wear SmartWatches would be available to order pretty soon. Well last night they appeared on the Google Play Store devices section and you can order either the

A mystery Motorola phone seems to keep leaking out

The Motorola Moto X and G are great little devices, with the latest Moto E also offering an even cheaper option. But now there seems to be another variant the Motorola Victara, which seems from the leaked images to be a Verizon version of the Moto E.

Aviate Launcher by Yahoo is now available

Aviate started out last year as one of those alternative Android launchers that aimed to predict what apps you use at different times of the day and offer those to you along with weather and location based info. Last year Aviate was available as an invite only

Podcast 98 – We are probably never going to see these in the UK

Welcome to the latest episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast, joining me this week was Ian Furlong. Topics this week revolved around the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A, the Amazon Fire Phone, the further delays of the OnePlus One, Ian and his Palm Pre 2 he has been using

Samsung sort of announce the Galaxy S5 Prime

When I say “sort of” I mean that they have announced another variant of the Galaxy S5 and it comes with vastly upgraded specs, meaning this is more than likely the fabled “Prime” version of the Galaxy S5 that people have been banging on about for a

Oppo Find 7a – Review

In this day and age now and again you have to take a punt on something, just in case you’ve found something special. That’s exactly what I did with the Oppo Find 7a. But is it a dud? No its not, you’ll have to read on to

Samsung post their official promo videos for the Galaxy Tablet S

Last night Samsung announced two new Galaxy Tablets, the Tablet S 8 and 10.5. We’ve got a load of information about them here. Samsung have also now posted two videos on their YouTube channel showing off the new tablet. Take a look below. Enjoy. Samsung GALAXY Tab

Samsung announces the Galaxy Tablet S

Last night over in the US Samsung had one of their big events where they like to announce the latest iterative update of their devices. This time round it was the Galaxy Tablet range that received some attention. Samsung announced the Galaxy Tablet S which is Samsung’s thinnest