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Podcast 125 – and the pink LG flip phone

Welcome to the latest episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast , joining me this week were Dan, Ian and Garry. This week we talked about me wanting a pink LG flip phone, Garry deliberately trying to break his phone with a bottle of Cider, me and my HTC

LG announce an Android based flip phone

For years I have wanted a flip phone, I used to like the form factor more than any other and my move to Android meant the acceptance of a lack of different forms. Samsung have made a few flip phones over the years and now LG have

How my Xiaomi Mi Band became really smart

I have been a wearable convert for about a year and a half now, be it a smartwatch or a fitness band I usually have one such thing strapped on. I see great potential in these little bits of plastic attached to me, I scour through related

Podcast 124 – The week Dan committed to Windows Phone

Welcome to the latest episode of the Coolsmartphone Podcast. Joining me this week were Dan and John, this week we tried to keep our excitement about MWC in check. We discussed the next version of Windows Phone, Dan getting all excited about Windows 10, me and my

The day has come, Dropbox is available for Windows Phone

I’ve been a Windows Phone fan/user for years now and I’ve often ended up in discussions with Android and iOS users listening to why I should use their favourite OS and not Windows Phone. During that lecture I often hear “big developers like Dropbox haven’t even got

Softmaker Office Suite for Android goes free

The hunt for the perfect office suite has been a long one, dating back to Windows Mobile. The hunt for the ideal office suite continues today. I and many others just want to quickly and easily edit Word, Excel or PowerPoint files on the go. The problem

Fancy a Tesco Hudl 2 on the cheap?

The Tesco Hudl 2 is a great device, for the price anyhow. That price is now starting to drop and you can get one for £99 from Tesco Direct, admittedly it’s a refurbished unit, but it’s still a good deal. Just head over to the Tesco Direct

My time with the HTC Desire 816

The large oversized phone market is a hugely popular one these days, some call them “Phablets”, some just call phones, I call them the future. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but I really do like a large phone these days. I have been a large

Podcast 123 – Lollipop on all of our phones

Welcome to episode 121 of our podcast. Where we chat about what we’ve up to in the week from a technology perspective, what we’ve been reviewing and our thoughts on the latest news. Joining me this week was Dan. Topics this week were about Samsung and their

Arctic P614BT Bluetooth Headphones – Review

Headphones or earphones, which are best? Surely that’s one of the big unresolved questions in modern day life, I for one can’t decide which to go with and because of that I have piles of headphones and earphones at home. I’ve been hankering after a pair of

HTC release HTC Internet app onto the Play Store

HTC and many other manufacturers have published their apps onto the Google Play Store, it helps manufacturers release updates quicker and it circumvents carriers/networks for small things like web browsers or gallery apps. Obviously you’re going to need an HTC device to install this, which at the

Podcast 122 – I guess we’ll wait for MWC for a hands on

Welcome to episode 121 of our podcast. Where we chat about what we’ve up to in the week, what we’ve been using in the last week, what we’ve bought or sold and our thoughts on the latest news. Joining me this week were Dan, Garry and John. Topics

About our Podcast

You may have noticed that over the past two and a half years we’ve been publishing a podcast every week. We’re a bunch of the writers get together online and have a chat. A chat about the current weeks mobile news, what we’ve bought, what we’ve acquired,

MyRoll Gallery now supports Android Wear

MyRoll gallery has been around for a few months now, offering a nice gallery replacement app with a nice UI and it bundles your photos together into Moments. The developers have updated the app with a nice material style and rather interestingly they’ve added Android Wear support.

Podcast 121 – Last in the current series

Welcome to episode 121 of our podcast. Where we chat about what we’ve up to in the week, what we’ve been using in the last week, what we’ve bought or sold and our thoughts on the latest news. Joining me this week was Ian and John. This

Podcast 121 – Listen in live

Hello there, welcome to the “listen in live” page for our podcast. Joining me this week should be John, topics this week will be about 2014 and the best and worst of things. We have a variety of categories to decide which has been the worst for

Vodafone will sell the BlackBerry Classic very soon

BlackBerry keep on plugging away at the market, releasing phone after phone after phone. The latest is a mixture of the old style of BlackBerry and the new style, aptly called BlackBerry Classic. Basically you get all of the fancy swipey BB10 OS with the capability of

Android App Review – Lazy Swipe

Large screen devices have a lot to answer for these days, they force me to wear trousers with large pockets, they force me to carry a man bag whilst I’m out and about and most of all they force my thumbs to stretch way beyond what they

EE crowned as top mobile operator in London

Think for one minute about the current networks we have to choose from in the UK? Name me two. I’d guess most of you went with EE and Three, not only are they the most popular but they also offer a great product. Be it almost totally

HERE Maps is now available on the Google Play Store

For a while one of the unique selling points behind Nokia Windows Phone devices was the HERE Maps suite. It offered a truly offline mapping solution for free. It was one of the reason I always took a Windows Phone on holiday. Now the HERE maps team