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OnePlus dream up the most insane way to buy a phone

Do you really really want a OnePlus phone? So much so that you’ll smash your old phone for the chance to buy one? Well in a tweet that seemed like it should have come out on April Fools day OnePlus have said the following. 100x OnePlus Ones

The slightly over hyped OnePlus One is finally unveiled

Remember all of the fuss last year when Oppo and Cyanogen Inc partnered up to make a Cyanogenmod version of the Oppo N1? Can you also remember the confusion a few weeks after the launch Cyanogen announced they were to partner with another company for their next

It’s nearly time for March of the Droids 2014

Meeting like minded people is something I thrive on, meeting someone who understands how to set their phone up properly or who knows the difference between SDK and ADB is a great feeling. I’m sad to say it doesn’t happen often. Most of my days are spent

Podcast 89 – all we needed was a little update

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Podcast, joining me this week were Dan and Khellan. This weeks the topics revolved around the Windows Phone 8.1 update which Dan and I both managed to install on our phones this week. We also had a chat about how Dan felt after

Oppo post possibly the strangest promo video ever

Oppo are big news at the moment their Find 7 and Find 7a are both about to be released into the world, complete with fancy cameras and even fancier camera software. To help promote the Find 7 / 7a they’ve made a video, a 4 minute 52

Google release their Android camera app

Google have been slowly and surely releasing the core Android apps onto the Play Store. Like the keyboard, Calendar, Gmail, Google Search and a load of others. The latest is the camera app which has only previously seen updates during Android version updates. It’s a whole lot

Nokia give out gifts to a select bunch of Lumia owners

We all love surprises yes? How about free money? How about paid apps for free? Well yesterday Nokia published an  app that if you’re compatible you’ll probably be saying “yes yes yes” to the above questions. Nokia Gift Voucher is the name of the app and what

LG G Pad 8.3 finally gets its KitKat update

Being an owner of the LG G Pad 8.3 I’ve been eagerly awaiting the KitKat update, especially as the companion device the LG G2 has received the KitKat update a few weeks ago. Well it seems that according to my G Pad that the update has started

Orangepixel’s new game: Groundskeeper2 now available

OrangePixel have been making some great retro 8-bit style games for a while now, they’re behind the Meganoid games, Gunslugs, Heroes of Loot and many others and now they’ve released Groundskeeper2 another retro style shoot em up. From the guys who brought you Gunslugs and Heroes of

Geeksphone Revolution is now available from Amazon

Firefox OS, oh how I yearn to try you out on a mid range device from a Spanish company on a device that will dual boot Android. A few weeks ago we mentioned the launch of the dual booting Geeksphone Revolution. At that point you could only

Nokia Lumia 630 – Hands on at the Gadget Show Live

Nokia announced the Windows Phone 8.1 equipped Lumia 630 last week and it’s possibly one of the most hotly anticipated Nokia devices at the moment. Mainly down to the new features of Windows Phone 8.1 at what should be a bargain price. You may have realised that

Motorola Moto X – Review

Cast you mind back to 2013 Motorola announced the Moto X, resplendent in many different colours and accents with talk of tiny bezels and no need to have the latest and greatest spec . Fast forward eight months and us poor UK residents can finally get hold

Fancy an Oppo Find 7a? Pre order one now at OppoStyle

The eagerly awaited Oppo Find 7 was announced a few weeks back, with talk of fancy cameras and even fancier specs. The whole world waited to see the first ever 2K device, they showed it off and then showed off a lower spec cheaper version too. The

Podcast 87 – it’s all about Build

Some weeks the Android world takes a breather and let’s someone else step up and speak. Someone else with a selection of brightly coloured things….. Welcome to Episode 87 of our podcast. This week I was joining by Ian and Nirave and our topics this week were as

My time with the Hanns.G HT231 23″ LED monitor

Touchscreens have become part of my life, be it in my pocket, on my wrist, my laptop, my tablet, trying to order foreign train tickets on holiday, controlling the music in my house and amazingly up until now not on my desktop PC. Well sort of anyway,

Motorola Moto G gets an OTA update to fix things

The Motorola Moto G could be seen as a success story of 2013 with many flocking out to buy one just to see what the fuss was about. Since the recent KitKat update though some people have been having issues with stability, USB on the go and

It seems that Oppo are going to make a budget device

Oppo are famed for their flagship specs and wallet friendly pricing, but look back at their history there are a few budget devices in there. The most recent being the R819 which was a dual SIM MediaTek device. According to PhoneArena , Oppo have filed it with

Lenovo Yoga 2 11″ – Review

In my continued hunt for the ideal tablet/laptop I’ve stumbled into the fascinating world of the flexible Lenovo Yoga 2, it’s an 11″ touchscreen bendable flexible hybrid. I mainly use Windows 8 devices like large tablets that you can run normal desktop apps on when the store

Pick up a pay as you go bargain thanks to Vodafone

We all live a good bargain and up until the end of the month Vodafone are offering the Galaxy S3 and S4 rather cheaply on PAYG . They’re also offering the Smart Mini III. Here is what Vodafone are telling us this morning. I’ll add shop links

LG G2 Mini to be released in April

MWC was crazy this year, with dozens of new devices being announced, the rear button equipped LG G2 Mini being one of them. LG have come out and said that they’re going to release it in April. So not long to wait if your wanting a budget