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Vodafone SIM-only deals – reduced prices on Red plans

Got a phone? Happy with it? Just want a SIM? Vodafone look to have tweaked their SIM only deals with their Red 12-month plans dropping in price. The base Red deal is now £15.30 (down from £17) and you’ll get unlimited texts and calls with 1GB of

Voda launch new SIM-only plans

A new year means a new set of plans for Vodafone, who have today launched some new SIM-only deals. £9.50 will get you 250MB of data per month and 300 minutes plus 500 texts on 3G. However, you can also choose to pay £14 per month for

New Vodafone SIM only plans quietly slip out

If you’re looking for a SIM only deal, have a word with the dudes in your local Vodafone store. They’ve got some new offerings, which we’ve just had mailed to us, and they won’t be available online until next week. There’s new lower pricing and additional data

Need more data on EE SIM only? Good luck!

EE recently updated their SIM only contracts giving more data for a limited time, the highest being 10GB a month which is still way short of the 20GB and 50GB options with a 2 year contract. Whilst adding more data is good for everyone, we have just

Three launch new SIM only plans

Three UK has today launched a new range of SIM-only contracts. In a way this mirrors how they relaunched their contract plans recently. Customers will be able to start at just £7 a month for 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data. This includes free 0800

Some rather excellent SIM-only deals to save you money

Saving money. Secretly we all love to do it. Whether it’s a necessity or not, saving a few quid here means that you can have a beer there. Over on HotUKDeals they have a frequently updated thread detailing the latest SIM-only deals. The prices are already low,

[Opinion] The art of the money grab

I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for a couple of years now, and overall I’ve been pretty happy with their service. Crucially, the plan has unlimited data with a ‘fair usage policy’ – which turned out to be 500MB. Naturally, being a blogger, I go over that limit

Three launch a new SIM-only data plan, but we’re not happy

I’ve got a SIM card here from Three. It’s on the SIM Zero plan which the network doesn’t actually do any longer. For £5 I get 2GB of data per month. Sure, I don’t get any calls or texts included, but for my tablet or secondary smartphone

Big rise in customers taking SIM Only deals

Everything seems to cost a lot more than it used to and you’re working twice as hard for half the money. It’s rubbish. Phones are expensive, contracts are long and, if you’re on “certain” networks, the price goes up half-way through. To put it bluntly, we’re all

Sunday Bargains – Pretty hot T-Mobile SIM-only deal

The guys from T-Mobile have a pretty decent deal on right now. It’s 5000 texts and 300 minutes per month plus another 500 minutes to T-Mobile customers every month. There’s also 750MB of data per month but, right now, they’re giving another 250MB of data per month

HTC Desire C price dip, possible gift material

We reviewed the HTC Desire C when it was selling for £189 unlocked. The 600MHz CPU struggled a little with serious browsing and the camera quality wasn’t stellar, but now it’s down to just £87.26 if you’re upgrading in store and online at Carphone Warehouse. The pay

EE launch SIM-only plans

BREAKING NEWS! On checking the official EE site just now, it seems SIM-only plans have just beed added to the list. Prices starting from £21 per month for 500MB and go up to £36 per month for 5GB. These are all 12 month plans to get you

Vodafone refresh their SIM-only plans

Data plans can be confusing. Seen those people staring blankly at catalogues in mobile shops? Yup. That’s them. Vodafone have done some research and have looked at SIM-only deals. They’ve found that people generally found that people looking for SIM-only deals do so for two reasons… a)

EE 4G SIM-only now due to arrive withing the next two weeks

Following our coverage today on the EE 4G SIM-only delay, we can now reveal that you could have another fortnight before these plans are available. We’ve just received the following from an EE spokesperson… Our 4GEE SIM only plans will now be launching within the next two

EE SIM-only delay caused by additional testing

We’ve already reviewed the all-new EE 4G network and you’ll have no doubt seen the adverts on TV, newspapers and billboards across the UK. However, last night we revealed the fact that their SIM-only deals, which aren’t available yet, were to be delayed. We contacted EE to

Deal Of The Day: 12 month SIM-only with £100 Cashback

Posted over in our forums today by Nitram_cpr is a rather good deal on the Three network. I am currently on Tesco PayG but am always looking for good deals and found this: Basically if you sign up for a 12 month sim only deal you’ll get

Giffgaff – Have they turned a corner?

Want a mobile? The selection is insane. Want a plan? The choice is endless. MVNO’s – aka “virtual  networks that use other networks” are on the rise and they’re proving popular with those wanting a greater selection and less tie-ins. The boys at Giffgaff who continuously surprise

Orange refresh their SIM-only plans

Orange have just polished up their SIM-only plans and have added a new SIM-only Panther deal. There’s a 12 month Dolphin deal costing £7 per month and includes 150 minutes, 500 texts and 250MB of data which is available for a limited time. That headline Panther deal